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Gold State Coach

Below is a detailed article about the Gold State Coach, a golden carriage custom made for the British Royal Family in the Georgian Era. Let us read about the interesting details below.

What is the Gold State Coach?

The Gold State Coach at the Royal Mews in Buckingham Palace, London

The massive Royal Coronation Coach is a closed carriage built for the British Royal Family. It is used in the coronation ceremonies of the Royal Family ever since King George IV. It is now a monument at the Buckingham Palace kept for public viewing. It’s weight and old age have limited its actual use today in the Royal Family and is, therefore, best as a public attraction.

What is the Gold State Coach made of?

The Royal Coronation Coach is made of mainly wood, leather, and painting with gold which gives it the breathtaking shine. It has a rich gilded structure and intricate carvings of 3 cherubs on the roof. The cherubs indicate the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, and Ireland. Even the buckles on the coach are gilded.

When was the gold state coach last used?

Queen Elizabeth II in the Gold State Coach on her Golden Jubilee Celebration

It was used at the coronation of Queen Victoria and all other monarchs.

It was used in its best condition at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. Thereafter, it was used on the 4th of June in the year 2002 at the Queens Golden Jubilee Year. This was the last time the coach was actually used. Ever since it has been a monument at the Buckingham Palace in London.

Is the queen’s carriage made of gold?

The carriage is made of mainly wood and leather, covered with velvet and satin decor. But the carriage is heavily gilded with rich gold which gives it the golden shine that it has. The carriage is not entirely made of gold but gilded or thinly painted with gold.

How many carriages does the royal family have?

The Royal Family owns a collection of custom made exotic carriages being built since ages for occasions like weddings, coronations, anniversaries and other celebrations. The collection consists of over 100 carriages. Not all of these carriages are kept at the Buckingham Palace. There is a whole separate royal staff appointed for the maintenance and regular polishing and cleaning of these carriages.

Is the Queens Coach solid gold?

No, the Queens Coach is made of wood and gilded with rich gold that makes it look as though made of solid gold. The gilded shine is what gives it the look it carries and therefore is a great monumental piece at the Buckingham Palace.

When was the coronation coach built?

The coronation coach or the Gold State Coach was made in 1760 by Samuel Butler in his workshop at London. The coach was first used by George IV.

How much is the gold state coach worth?

At the time of manufacturing, that is, in the 1760s the coach was worth 7562 pounds!

Today the price would be more than 1.57 million pound sterlings.

What are the dimensions of the Gold State Coach?

It weighs 4 tons. Its height is 12 feet, and it is 24 feet long and extended. It is highly spaced and provides comfortable seating. It is pulled by a team of 8 horses.

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