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Rudyard Kipling’s Famous Quotes

Rudyard Kipling’s Famous Quotes:

I have written the tale of our life
For a sheltered people’s mirth,
In jesting guise–but ye are wise,
And ye know what the jest is worth.
– Rudyard Kipling in Departmental Ditties

Though tangled and twisted the course of true love
This ditty explains,
No tangle’s so tangled it cannot improve
If the Lover has brains.
~The Post that Fitted

Delilah Aberyswith was a lady–not too young–
With a perfect taste in dresses and a badly-bitted tongue,
With a thirst for information, and a greater thirst for praise,
And a little house in Simla in the Prehistoric Days.

They are fools who kiss and tell”–
Wisely has the poet sung.
A man may hold all sorts of posts
If he’ll only hold his tongue.
~Pink Dominoes

Rudyard Kipling

Twelve hundred million men are spread
About this Earth, and I and You
Wonder, when You and I are dead,
“What will those luckless millions do?”
~The Last Department

If you love me as I love you
What can Life kill or Death undo?
~An Old Song, Rudyard Kipling

By Docket, Billetdoux, and File,
By Mountain, Cliff, and Fir,
By Fan and Sword and Office-box,
By Corset, Plume, and Spur
By Riot, Revel, Waltz, and War,
By Women, Work, and Bills,
By all the life that fizzes in
The Everlasting Hills,
If you love me as I love you
What pair so happy as we two?
~An Old Song

Beneath the deep veranda’s shade,
When bats begin to fly,
I sit me down and watch–alas!–
Another evening die.
~The Moon of Other Days

“You must choose between me and your cigar.”
~The Betrothed
Maggie, my wife at fifty–grey and dour and old–
With never another Maggie to purchase for love or gold!
~The Betrothed

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
~If, Rudyard Kipling

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