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Soldiers Three and Other Stories is a collection of short tales by Rudyard Kipling. ‘Soldiers Three’ refers to the three soldiers, Privates Learoyd, Mulvanis, and Ortheris. The book consists of three parts: Soldiers Three, The Story of Gadsbys and The Black and the White.

Soldiers-Three became the second collection of short stories by the writer Rudyard Kipling to be published, after Plain Tales from the Hills. This collection whose contents are listed here. In 1899, it became part of the book Soldiers Three and Other Stories, known to most people by simpler title Soldiers-Three.

Of these three sections, only the first part is a collection of short stories involving the trio.

The chapters of the book are as follows.

Soldiers Three

  • “The God from the Machine”
  • “Private Learoyd’s Story”
  • “The Big Drunk Draf'”
  • “The Solid Muldoon”
  • “With the Main Guard”
  • “In the Matter of a Private”
  • “Black Jack”
  • “Only a Subaltern”
  • Cover of Soldiers Three
    The cover of Soldiers Three

The Story of the Gadsbys: A Tale without a Plot

  • “Poor Dear Mamma”
  • “The World Without”
  • “The Tents of Kedar”
  • “With any Amazement”
  • “The Garden of Eden”
  • “Fatima”
  • “The Valley of the Shadow”
  • “The Swelling of Jordan”
  • “L’Envoi” (a poem)
  • The Cover of The Story of Gadsbys
    The cover of The Story of Gadsbys

In Black and White

  • “Dray Wara Yow Dee”
  • “The Judgement of Dungara”
  • “At Howli Thana”
  • “Gemini”
  • “At Twenty-Two”
  • “In Flood Time”
  • “The Sending of Dana Dee”
  • “On the City Wall”

    Soldiers Three
    The first edition of In Black and White

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