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The Model Millionaire

The Model Millionaire centers around a poor chap who, although poverty-stricken, is a charming young man with a gorgeous face and a handsome physique. Hugie is in love with a beautiful woman, Laura, the daughter of the Colonel.

The Plot of The Model Millionaire

The father was very fond of his potential son in law but would not hear about an engagement. He had put forth a condition before Hugie- he would have to earn ten thousand pounds.

The Model Millionaire
A scene from the Model Millionaire

Hugie had a good friend, Trevor, who was an artist. Once, while on his way to find a way to earn the money, Hugie decided to visit his friend. When he entered the humble studio of the artist, he found him deep into drawing a lifelike a sketch of a beggar who was also present there.

Hugie was awestruck at the scene. He casually asked how much could a person make by being a model. Trevor said it was around a shilling every hour.

The Model Millionaire
The cover of ‘The Model Millionaire’

When the artist was gone for some time, he could not resist the urge to talk to the beggar who looked alone and sad. He pulled out whatever little money he had and gave it to him. As a result, Hugie had to walk back home.

The Model Millionaire Facts

In the evening, when Trevor met Hugie, he informed him that the man posing as the beggar was Baron Hausberg. He had commissioned the artist to paint him as the beggar.

The Model Millionaire
Oscar Wilde

Trevor told him that he had asked him all about Hugie and he had shared his story with the Baron. Hugie, absolutely embarrassed by his actions, returned home regretting what he had done.

Later, he received a letter from Hausberg whereby he had been given ten thousand pounds as a wedding gift. Laura and Hugie got married and Baron Hausberg gave a speech.

Review of The Model Millionaire

A beautiful story, in essence, it is really the Good Samaritan tale where the Samaritan gets rewarded. A delightful read, the style of writing is animated and attractive. It immediately becomes a favorite and stays on as a good memory.

Quotes, Moral, Meaning of the short story

What is the meaning of Model Millionaire?

‘The Model Millionaire’ is basically a short story that emphasizes on the materialistic parts of life. The protagonist of the story is a very young and good-looking man named Hughie Erskine He was admired by the people and kind however; he was not very clever and had no money.

What is the theme of the Model Millionaire?

And was thus in a misfit in a commercial world. He is at a loss in the world of bulls and bears. He kept changing his job but somehow, always failed and so in spite of his charming appearance, he has failed in every attempt to make money.

Who was Hughie Erskine?

Hughie did not understand the ways of the world and ended up fed-up and unhappy whenever he tried to be triumphant materially. Hence the second sentence of the story becomes significant: “Romance is the privilege of the rich, not the profession of the unemployed.”

Finally, he quit working and survived on the money given to him by one of his old aunt. He fell in love with a girl named Laura Merton. She was the daughter of a retired Colonel. The Colonel had a condition and would only permit them to get married if Hughie had ten thousand pounds of his own. So his affair with Laura was at a stake as evidently, he was unsuccessful to raise ten thousand pounds on his own.

One day, Hughie visited his friend, Alan Trevor, who was a painter. When Hughie came, Alan was painting a model. The model was a beggar. Hughie felt sorry for the model, so he gave him a sovereign.

Who was Baron Hausberg?

Later that night, Hughie met Alan at Palette Club. They had a talk. Hughie found out from Alan that the model was actually not a beggar-man, but a millionaire named Baron Hausberg. Hughie went home unhappily, whereas Alan laughed loudly.

The next morning, a messenger from Baron Hausberg came and brought him a letter. The letter enclosed a cheque for ten thousand pounds which were a wedding present to Hugh Erskine and Laura Merton from Baron Hausberg.

On the day of the marriage, Alan Trevor was the best man and the Baron made a speech at the wedding breakfast. Alan said, “Millionaire models are rare enough, but model millionaires are rarer still!” In the end, had Baron not provided Hughie with the money, the latter’s marriage with Laura would not have actually happened. So, making both ends meet becomes more important than the melody of love.

Monetary gains do not soothe one’s soul unless he utilizes that money to help others. By lending a hand to Hughie to marry Laura, Baron portrays the ideal way to expend money. That is why he raises himself to the status of a model millionaire from the status of a millionaire model.