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The Theoretikos Poem Text

This mighty empire hath but feet of clay:
Of all its ancient chivalry and might
Our little island is forsaken quite:
Some enemy hath stolen its crown of bay,
And from its hills that voice hath passed away
Which spake of Freedom: O come out of it,
Come out of it, my Soul, thou art not fit
For this vile traffic-house, where day by day
Wisdom and reverence are sold at the mart,
And the rude people rage with ignorant cries
Against a heritage of centuries.
It mars my calm: wherefore in dreams of Art
And loftiest culture I would stand apart,
Neither for God nor for his enemies.

The Poet

Oscar Wilde. Read about other popular works by Oscar Wilde.. Read about other popular works by Oscar Wilde. needs no separate paragraph for introduction while one can write a book on him.

Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde

A genius of the Victorian Era and a writer with unmatched caliber, Wilde continues to be an inspiration to this day.

Review of Desespoir

This is a powerful poem that speaks tons about the mind of the poet and of the cultural situation of the period.

Wilde voices his loud opinions whence he says that the Freedom of mind that people had once had is gone now as thoughts are now confined. He wants to be free of the shackles that bind the minds of others. HE wishes to set his soul free.

An illustration of Oscar Wilde

He writes that the men with wisdom and brains sell it to a bidder and the rude ones are ignorant of the world that houses the culture many centuries old.

Although it pained Wilde to witness such a situation, he writes that he would stand for art even if it meant standing against God or His enemies.

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