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Thomas Chambers Biography

Thomas Chambers was born in England in 1808 and migrated to New York City in 1832. He first lived in Boston, then in Albany and then spent his last years in New York City.

Thomas Chambers Portrait

He is known for his landscapes and portrait paintings, though in later years he described himself as a marine artist. His rhythmic, bold colorful style is well remembered which suited better to maritime scenes as compared to subtleties of the landscape.

Style of Painting

Thomas Chambers had little or no formal art education and he painted portraits, river landscapes, battle scenes, harbor views and open ocean marines in a largely naïve style.

His style was typical with large generalized forms, bright flat colors as well as sharp contrast of dark and light patterns in water and sky.

Thomas did not sign or date his paintings, but his paintings are stylized and show great strength and coherence dramatically. They are easily recognized and admired by collectors.

Thomas Chambers Biography

Thomas Chambers was born in 1808 in London and in 1832 he migrated to New York City. He made liberal use of his imagination and popularly engraved images. He did not confine his paintings limited to first-hand views and painted both, marine and landscape scenes.

From 1834 to 1840, Chambers is counted as landscape or marine painter in New York directory. He lived in Boston from 1843 to 1851 and then went to Albany to live there till 1857.

Thomas Chambers Facts

He returned to New York City and remained there from 1862 to 1866. After this, there seems to be no record and his death date is also not known. In fact, very little is known about Chambers’ life.

Chambers was influenced by painters like Thomas Birch, William H. Bartlett, Thomas Cole and Asher B. Durand which reflects in his art and style.

He filled his art with romantic drama and presented a sense of playfulness and fun through them. He used to take his sketchbook in tow on his trekking across mountain ranges and spent days and weeks painting outdoors.

Thomas Chambers Paintings

Chamber’s paintings were spectacular and dramatic reflecting on the wilds of the environment. American wilderness has been basically significant in creating a national identity all through the history of the united states. Influence of European romanticism is also felt through the paintings.

The works seem painstakingly detailed and the painter seems to celebrate the divine handiwork of God in nature. The painter embraced nature and his works are preserved for their beauty and significance to not just art, but also history and culture.

Thomas Chambers Artist

Using Hudson River as inspiration, Chamber celebrated the realistic portrayal of stunning and distinctive landscape of the region through his paintings. Thomas Chamber found fame only in the twentieth century and remained obscured during his lifetime.

Although nothing is known about his life, his work earned the place in collection and anthologies of American folk art.

Analysists believe that he worked outside academic circles, drawing completely from the popular trend these days. He was dubbed as “first American Modern” and a tribute was paid to his independent soul and enhancing panache.

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