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Victorian Era Tiles Facts: Porcelain Flooring, Colours, Patterns, Designs

The existence and usage of tiles on the floor can be traced back to the 4 BC. During the 19th century, the popularity of tiles rose to its peak because of one man named Herbert Minton. He is also known as the father of modern tile industry.

The original Victorian tiles were the classic black and white colored tiles. These tiles have been as motivational factor for the emergence of new types of tile designs. One of the commonly used tiles was the Geometric floor tiles which gave the floor the classy Victorian look. Another type of flooring tile used during that time was the Mosaic floor tiles. These tiles were available in various patterns and colors.


During the Victorian period, Harlequin floor tiles were used and they were in a combination of colors like blue and white or the classic black and white. The Victorian time also produced a type of a tile which was hand-made and which resembled a bone like structure.

This pattern of tiles was exclusive and was obtainable in black and white. Ennerdale design tiles were seen on the Victorian home as floor tiles. These tiles were made in a couple of colors. There were a variety of designs like Colliford, Grasmese, Quarry and others which were used for the purposes of flooring the tiles.


Minton Hollins design was used to tile the kitchen and was available in amalgamation of colors like blue and white which brought out the very essence of a Victorian home. The Victorian bathrooms were elegantly decorated like any other room in the house. Ceramic tiles were used to give the bathrooms an elite Victorian look.


The porcelain tiles were also used in the bathrooms during this period. The Victorian tiles were usually in shapes like square, rectangle, diamond, octagons and other patterns. During the early years of the Victorian era, fireplaces did not have tiles. It was in the beginning of the 19th century that the tiles were placed around the fireplace area.

Floral pattern was popular during the early 1900. The Minton Hollins design was used for the walls of the fireplace. Mosaic pattern was also common during this period. The fireplace tiles had various designs like birds, flowers, or even some character drawing from a famous book, etc.