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Oscar Wilde. Read about other popular works by Oscar Wilde.. Read about other popular works by Oscar Wilde. wrote the Poem ” Tristitiae”, This poem describes, the ones who have too much to look at sufferings of others

The Poem Text

O well for him who lives at ease
With garnered gold in wide domain,
Nor heeds the splashing of the rain,
The crashing down of forest trees.

O well for him who ne’er hath known
The travail of the hungry years,
A father grey with grief and tears,
A mother weeping all alone.

But well for him whose foot hath trod
The weary road of toil and strife,
Yet from the sorrows of his life.
Builds ladders to be nearer God.

The Poet

Oscar Wilde is a Victorian-era writer, widely known for his poems, essays, short stories, novels, plays, and quotes.

Oscar Wilde

Brilliant with words and capable of painting parallel universes with his poems, Wilde continues to be one of the greatest poets of not just his time but in all eras following his.

Tristitiae Review

‘Tristitiae’ is a poem where he addresses the ones who have too much to look at the sufferings of others. He addresses those who have too much gold to care for the rain or the forests which are getting destroyed.

He next addresses those who do not know what hunger feels like or has ever felt like; those who do not know what it is to watch their parents in a miserable condition, to watch them weep.

Oscar Wilde, a poet, novelist, and playwright. The writer of ‘Tristitiae’

In the last stanza, we find the poet addressing those who had walked on a tough road to reach their destination, those who had suffered and had sorrow all throughout their lives but fought till they reached their goal. The poet says they are ones who have built ladders that reach God.

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