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The Odyssey by Samuel Butler

The Odyssey by Homer Translated by Samuel Butler

“The Way of All Flesh” is one of the major works of Samuel Butler. And he has made a prose translation of the “Iliad” and “Odyssey”. Here in the translation of “Odyssey”, the readers will get the whole scenario in the form of prose.

Homer had written Iliad and Odyssey in the form of a heroic poem. But in Samuel Butler’s “Odyssey” readers will find the authors a critic. This is basically a sequel of the Iliad, the epic.

According to the review of Samuel Butler’s Odyssey, it has been shown the perspective of women.

History of the Epical Poem

Odyssey tells us, the readers, the story of the Greek hero, Odysseus. From his name, the title comes “Odyssey”. Homer’s Odyssey tells the story after the fall of Troy. But Samuel Butler attached his personal thoughts on the translated version.

Here, the writer opens the classical features to the readers. The author observes the female characters and in his book, he explains the significance of the women characters are being shown partially.


Homer’s Odyssey

After the ending of the Iliad, Odyssey is starting with the time of 10 years of struggles for the Trojan War. Odysseus fought in the battle and he gains wrath of God. This is an epic where Homer shows the heroic character, Odysseus.

Not only that, but the importance of time is also has been shown. It takes ten years when Odysseus was getting back to Ithaca. Odysseus was very brave and strong that encourages him to be the Protagonist of the whole epic. Homer, himself calls his protagonist as “Wily Odysseus”.

Odyssey Translated by Samuel Butler

The translated version of Samuel Butler is similar to Homer’s Odyssey. Now the starts the epic after the Trojan War has ended and it has been ten years Odysseus did not reach back to Ithaca and people started thinking he has been dead but the wife of Odysseus, Penelope had faith in his husband and she never stops struggling.

Her son Telemachus also had faith in his father and he wanted to through the people out of their court but he was unable to that. One of the suitors made a plan to kill the young prince, Telemachus.

The Odyssey by Samuel butler

On the other side, a nymph Calypso fell in love with Odysseus and he became captured by her to island. The plot is progressing like that.

In the meantime Athena supported Odysseus and she sends Hermes to make Odysseus free from this island and he can come back to his wife and son. Samuel Butler uses imageries to look after the plot. And epic progress to the deeper portion.

From Mount Olympus, Hermes went to rescue Odysseus. After that Calypso leaves Odysseus and gives back his ship so that he can go back.

But problems arise from a different side. Poseidon, the god of Sea made the storm so that Odysseus can not reach his house. Odysseus got the wrath of Poseidon because Odysseus made his son blind in the battlefield and now Poseidon is taking revenge on Odysseus.

Poseidon-The God of Sea

On the other hand, Telemachus can get to know his father is still alive and he agrees that he will sell on to fetch his father back. On the seventeenth day, Odysseus finds an island and he stationed himself there for a while.

The Authoress of the Odyssey by Samuel Butler

The king and queen of the island later send Odysseus back to Ithaca. But here Odysseus in disguise of a poor man met his son Telemachus.

After that, the father and the son went to their castle but still, he was in disguised nobody could get that he is Odysseus and he gets back. Only an old nurse can get his identity but she never prevails the truth.

On the other side, Penelope doubted something and she made a plan to prevail the truth. After that Odysseus prevailed his identity.

Then Odysseus went to meet his father, Laertes and when he gets back to his court he started living happily with his family.

The full text of Odyssey by Samuel Butler

Epical Features that Has Been Shown

Here, Odysseus is the protagonist of the epic who has shown his glory, power, and ability. Here in the translation, Samuel Butler focused on the female characters like Penelope.

So in an epic always need to be a huge role of a woman and Penelope plays the role here which is one of the important Epical features.

Here, many gods and goddesses play a significant role like Athena, Poseidon, Zeus. So, in an epic, there must be a significant role of the gods and goddesses.

Relevant presence of the heroic character is also an Epical feature. Here, Odysseus plays that role. He shows his power, strength, and ability and for that, he becomes the protagonist of the epic.

Moral less Samuel Butler presented the whole scenario in a different pattern which gets critical attention from the readers.

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