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Emma Marshall Biography

Emma Marshall was a renowned 19th century English author who obtained fame and popularity as a children’s novelist.

Emma was born to the Martin’s in Cromer, Norfolk in 1830. Emma was the youngest daughter and soon after her birth, the family moved to Norwich. Emma Martin got married to Hugh Graham Marshall in 1854.

Hugh Graham Marshall was a banker by profession. Within a few years of her marriage, that is, from 1861 Emma Marshall began writing her novels and got them published as well.

Little Miss Joy
Little Miss Joy

Emma had a passion for doing something creative that would appeal to the minds of the younger generation. She found a way to pursue her passion by writing novels for children which soon garnered her a lot of appreciation. One of the reasons for her popularity was her immense talent to easily connect with her young audience.

Emma had a very unique ability of conveniently selecting complex topics and turn it into a simple children’s story. For her stories, she would choose a historical figure or even a popular structure as the central theme and create a fictional story around it.

Emma had a strong influence on children and this can be ascertained with the fact that her youngest daughter, Christabel Marshall became an author like her mother. Christabel was also known to stand up for social causes, usually, those revolving around women.

List of Famous Works of Emma Marshall

Emma Marshall died in Clifton in the year 1899. She was 69 years old at the time of her demise. During her extensive career, Emma Marshall had over 200 children novels published in her name. Books like Salome, Penhurst Castle, Under Salisbury Spire, Her Seasons in Bath and Westminster Meads are examples of some of her finest works.

-Rainy Days And How to Meet them (1862)

Heights And Valleys (1871)

A Lily Among Thorns (1874)

The Cathedral Cities Of England, English Cathedrals (1879)

Heather And Harebell (1881)

Under the Mendips (1886)

Oliver’s Old Pictures or The Magic Circle (1888)

Her Season in Baths (1889)

In The City Of Flowers (1889)

Little Miss Joy (1891)

A Flight With The Swallows (1896)

In The Choir of Westminster Abbey (1897)