The Fire and Ice

“Fire and Ice” is one of the famous poems by the grand poet Robert Frost. This is a very short kind of poem that consists of nine lines. When the poem is first published it comes along with other poems.

In the year 1920, it was published in Harper’s Magazine. Later Robert Frost wins an award called Pulitzer Prize for writing this short poem.

The figure of expression that the poet produces is very significant and also hard. In some lines expressing thoughts is very stiff that Robert Frost can express.

“Fire and Ice” is one of his best poems that is known as an anthologized poem. One of Frost’s critics opines that,

“poetry gets to be the poetry of life by successfully
becoming first the poetry of poetry”,

Fire and Ice Theme

The central theme of the poem is the future is in a question. Some say that earth will die with fire and some say the earth will end with ice. This is a conflict that arises in the context.

Nobody knows what is going to happen with the world. According to the poet, fire stands for human desire, love, and solace. Fire is the sentiments and emotion of life.

On the other hand, ice stands for human destruction, hate, devastation, etc. So, the central theme of the poem is the conflict between fire and ice.

Fire and Ice Summary


Fire and Ice both are different elements of the world if Ice comes fore gets faded. So the power of these factors is the meaning of this poem.

This a very relevant poem that connects the worldly system with human life. If a reader gives consent to the poetry then will surely get to know about the human race and desires of life. In the first line,

“Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.”

The poet is concerned about the death of the world and he wants to know how the world die. Many people opine that the world will die in a fire and some utter it will die in ice.

Fire and Ice

So this is a diplomatic situation that the poet has come with. Poet even wants to know what will be done to the earth. Then the poet also says that from that statement the poem achieved desired.

Till now what is the motive of the poet is not very clear. But the poet says that he achieved desire.

“I hold with those who favor fire.”

By this line, the poet is enunciating with the condition of the poet. He is holding these desires, love, solace, emotion, etc. that have “favor” fire. Favour means the assistant fire that the poet can absorb. But if the poet had to destroy twice then,

“I think I know enough of hate”

These two lines are very relevant to the poem. If the had to destroy the twice then he knows well that there is enough of hate everywhere.

So, ‘ice’ is being compared with the poet’s darkest part where hate, destruction, ego lies. Suddenly, the poet changes the context from the end of the world to human life.

The poet has a keen phobia on ice. Even in the next lines he also speaks on the destruction. He explains ice as great destruction to life. There no valid logic why he is saying that ice has a destructive influence on human-kind.

“And would suffice.”

It would suffice to the poet because he does not care for the world as his heart is filled with hatred. Throughout the poem, Robert Frost has made a very elegant comparison with the world and human sentiments.

Fire and Ice Analysis and Lyrics

In this poem, a reader will find that the poet has a love for ‘fire’ and hatred for ‘ice’. But according to the Bible, ‘fire’ is the symbol of ‘Inferno’ or hell.

The poem Fire and Ice
The poem Fire and Ice

The ‘fiery lake proves that fire is an expression of cry or sorrow. Though the poet does not utter the same. One explanation can come to the context, as the poet lives in a cold place, ‘fire’ was love to him.

Fire and Ice by Robert Frost Tone

Most of his poems are contained with an icy background that is why the poet wants warmth. When the poet starts talking about human life, a human race among the lives also has come out.

All the man and women have desires and peace in their lives. And all the poet also have sorrow and destruction in life. It works like human-being are going through the sorrow. Everyone has sorrow in life.

Fire and Ice Literary Analysis

The rhyming pattern of the poem is ‘aba abc bcb’ and the written in iambictetra meter.

Symbolism is a common literary device in the case of ‘Fire and Ice’ poem. ‘Fire’ is the symbolism desire and love for other men and women.

Then comes Anaphora. Anaphora is the repetition of the same words in the starting lines one after another. Here is the example,

“Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.”

Alliteration is the other literary device. It means, repetition of vowel sounds in a single line.

“I think I know enough of hate”

Enjambment is a common literary device that can be found here. Enjambment is everywhere that is continuing the thoughts of the poet.

Not the end, the poet also uses imageries to the context. ‘Fire’ and ‘ice’ are the imagery that is being shown. These are all kinds of literary devices.

Questions and Answers

What is the message of Fire and Ice by Robert Frost?

Destruction of the world is the central message of the poem.

What does ice symbolize in fire and ice?

Ice symbolizes the destruction, hatred, greed, rigidity towards the world.

What does fire stand for in the poem Fire and Ice?

Fire stands for human sentiments like Love, solace.

Which is more powerful fire or ice?

According to the poet, both are equal.