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The Biography of Virginia Woolf

Who is Virginia Woolf?

Adeline Virginia Woolf is one of the famous novelists of the Modern Age. This English has written had written many pieces that are mould with deep modernity.

It can be said that she is also a modernist who is known for her writing technique with a ‘stream of consciousness’. She was born in 1882 in South Kensington, London, England.

She was the seventh child of their family and before her, she had elder brothers. Vannessa Bell is one of the greatest modern painters who was the sister of Virginia Woolf.

Through her biography, keen femininity comes out because in their childhood her parents use to send her brothers to college to get an education.

Virginia Woolf
Virginia Woolf

But when it comes to a girl the scenario becomes changed. Virginia Woolf was home-schooled who got edition on the literature of Victorian age, Elizabethan Age.

Her Autobiography

Even in the Modern Age, slide distress comes out. If you see, there is another woman, Semon de Beauvoir of the modern age who published a book, “The Second Sex”,

“One is not born a woman
Rather becomes one.”

So, coming to the main concept, Virginia Woolf was also a victim of social boundaries. Her famous work “To the Lighthouse” is very much influenced by her personal life.

In her summer days, she uses to visit their summer house with family and there for the first time she saw Godrevy Lighthouse.

Later from this Lighthouse, she takes admiration for writing the novel. After that, she faces mental trouble because of the death of her mother, Julia Prinsep Jackson.

Losing the mother keeps her down and she faces mental trouble. Probably, in 1895 she died. After some time, passes Virginia Woolf again stands against the time being.

Modern Fiction

Stella Duckworth becomes an interesting face to her who helps Woof very much. And after some years seems 1897 she starts attending the ladies department of King’s College London.

Here she made many motivational movements for women studies and becomes a pillar of feminism who fight for women higher education and equalization.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well,
if one has not dined well.”

Life History

In college, she used to teach classical literature, history of English, Victorian history, etc. Not only that she takes inspiration from his own brother who studies from Cambridge University.

Here, she finds inspiration for women right I the society and with her writings, she starts thinking of women too. She says,

“If you do not tell the truth about yourself
you cannot tell it about other people.”

Taken inspiration from her father, she starts writing professionally from 1900. At that time, her father also passed away which stuck her again put her into a mental breakdown.

Throughout her life, she faces trouble many times but Virginia Woolf never stops struggling. Then they moved to bohemian Bloomsbury. Woolf becomes free from everything as she lost her parents and with her livelihood, she starts writing with concern.

“To enjoy freedom we have to control ourselves.”

At that time once she met Bloomsbury’s Literary artistic group and later she joins the group. In 1912 she finds a man and later she marries that man called, Leonard Woolf.

In 1917 she finds a publisher and after sometimes this publication house published her works. In Hogarth Press, her works were published and she gains clap from the audience.


After some time, she settled herself in 1940, in a Sussex home she takes it in rent. Virginia Woolf’s mental illness takes place and it ruins her days.

According to her critics, she had bipolar disorder. Virginia Woolf suicide commits and later she has written letters too.

Virginia Woolf Suicide Note

“I feel certain I am going mad again.
I feel we can’t go through another of those terrible times.
And I shan’t recover this time.”

These lines are being g found from her suicide note. There are several critical analysis. Ethel Smith is of the opinion that,

The Suicide Note
The Suicide Note

“they often shed a whole Cutler fish bag of “feminism””

Virginia Woolf husband was also not very bad. Here, also many critical notes can be found but these all are also arguable. She attempted to commit suicide at least two times.

How did Virginia Woolf Die?

Virginia Woolf cause of death is also suicide. In the last she becomes successful. She drowned herself in the River Ouse when she was living in Lewes. Her life has many controversies though s clear answer is not found.

Coming back to her works, “Mrs Dalloway” is one of her famous works that has been critically issued. Virginia Woolf Mrs Dalloway criticism is similarly getting attention. Dorothy Goldman says,

“Modernist writing suggests a cultural crisis:
language awry, cultural cohesion lost,
perception fragmented and multiplied”

Virginia Woolf gay is a charming topic on the famous novelists. Her bisexuality comes out if you read her biography in detail.

She is more and more addicted to the women but still, she married. This is a very controversial topic that has no specific answer.

Questions and answers

What was Virginia Woolf famous for?

She is famous for her novels ‘Mrs Dalloway’ and ‘To the Lighthouse’.

Who was Virginia Woolf married to?

Virginia Woolf married to an internationalist named Leonard Woolf.

When did Virginia Woolf die?

In 1949 she died when she was 59 years old.

What did Virginia Woolf write?

Many significant novels she had written, The Orlando, The Waves, To the Lighthouse, etc.

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