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Victorian Clothing / Costumes for Women, Men, Children, Shoes, Hats

Even though many people were poor within the Victorian era, fashion was still a big thing. The women were always dressed to impress. Their clothing was almost always a dress of some kind. It would typically be lavished with lace, braid, fringes, and ribbons throughout.

By today’s standards, you could easily say that these dresses were probably very uncomfortable and inconvenient to wear. The exterior was all decoration, but underneath there was wires and steel keeping everything into place along with multiple layers of fabric. To go along with the dresses were often gloves, collars, and hats.
Victorian men's clothing

Accustom to the mid-nineteenth century were side lacing boots. These were typical when going outdoors or walking. However, indoor shoes were also available to many of the ladies who were concerned with fashion, as most were. They would often have ivory boots or elegant slippers that they would use when they wanted to impress someone at a party or some other type of indoor event.

The hats or bonnets themselves by this time had a lot of color on them. Almost any color could be found and often they were multiple colors. For example, you could have a brown silk bonnet. Adorned all over it would perhaps be purple silk ribbon with some added effect through red and yellow flowers. The bonnets would be large but were considered very stylish and beautiful during the Victorian era.
victorian clothing
Men’s fashion was perhaps not the easiest either. The facial hair continued to be a big thing. It did not matter how much or how little you had as long as you had some and it was kept trimmed evenly. Mustaches were extremely popular. The hair itself was to always be kept short. The longer hair was beginning to go out of style and it was much more stylish to get a regular haircut.

When it came to clothing, the men would almost always wear some variation of a suit. Generally, the coat was long, sometimes reaching down to their knees. Underneath would typically be a vest with either a large knot on a tie or a bow tie underneath it


The pants would generally be the balloon style pants with long socks. Much of what you would see old baseball players wear except not as tight. Of course, by this time, large bucket hats were the in thing.

Spain Victorian Clothing for Women 2
Spain Victorian Clothing for Women
Rich victorian children dresses
Rich victorian children dresses

It was not a requirement, was certainly popular. If you did not have a pocket watch that would keep in your hand, you would sometimes have a cane, even if you did not need one.