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Victorian Era England: Industrial Revolution, Society, Income & Economy

The Victorian era within England marked a huge time for a change. Really, this was a global change that took place in many other countries as well. However, the Industrial Revolution was certainly a large part of England within the Victorian era.

The workforce was probably what was primarily changed during the Victorian times. From pre-industrial revolution where skilled workers created their own wealth to large factories that were extremely common. Prior to the industrial revolution many people worked their own farms, some created by hand many items that we commonly see mass produced today.

Afterward, large factories were using machinery in place of people. This allowed for much more work to be completed in a shorter period of time, but these skilled workers either worked the machinery or were thrown to the wayside to find other jobs.

Another part of the problem was the rapid growth in population. England experienced a huge increase in population, almost double within a short fifty-year time span. The size of England went from about 18 million to roughly 30 million people. Not only were all of these people coming into the country, but good portions were going to the same areas.

They would try to go to where these large factories were hiring. The unfortunate part is there were not enough jobs to support those who had lost their jobs plus the immigrants who were also seeking work. The jobs paid low, simply because they could get people to work at that rate. People were nearly starving to death.

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Overall, however, the country was really seeing much more income in general. The vast majority of it was going to a small group who were becoming extremely wealthy. The downside is that many did not see such wealth because it was never passed down to the average workers. Still, England primarily views this as a time of prosperity despite the fact that the industrial revolution caused some growing pains within capitalism.

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