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Victorian Era Banquets

England has always believed in etiquettes and they have always followed them in everything. They followed these etiquettes especially during meetings as well as dining with family and friends. Victorian era banquets are much talked about even today.

Typical rich Victorian party food
Typical rich Victorian party


The first thing the Victorian people were concerned about was the kind of dresses they should wear on the occasion. Meal times were special occasions for people of that era. A person who was not dressed perfectly for the occasion had no place in the banquet.

If these people dined at home they would dress differently but if it was an outside party or a banquet. Victorian era banquets were something which was cherished even by people of other periods as well. The decorations of the banquets also need special mention.


There was a formal dining hall for celebrations and parties which can be given the name of banquets in today’s world. The decorations of these halls were extensive. The first thing that a person would notice after he entered into these dining halls is the furniture.

The furniture present in these halls was not only meant for use but they were superbly decorative. Other than this, there were china and ceramic figures which were also used for decorative purposes. Victorian era banquets had some stuffed birds inside cages. Mirrors and potted plants also became a part of the decorations.


The banquets during the Victorian era were incomplete without the etiquette, decorations as well as the food. The banquet usually means a large meal to celebrate some special occasion. Therefore the food is an important part of this occasion.

It includes the complete course of food. The meal includes main course as well as desserts. In most of the banquets, it is found that the host says a word or two before the food is open. The food arrangements are made in the form of buffets.

People usually serve themselves and eat the food while standing and chatting with others. The women who were invited in these banquets were always escorted by the men present in the party. The Victorian people enjoyed the food party because it was one of the ways of showing their pomp and culture.

The hostess usually showed off the final set which includes silver as well as stemware that she owned. The meals usually started at 6 PM and everybody was expected to be present at the banquet within the 6 PM.