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Victorian Era Beards Growing

Styles and fashions which people follow differ from one period to the other. Men and women follow different styles. These people do not follow style only for their garments. They also follow the style and fashion in other accessories as well. Other than this, they kept on experimenting with their look.

Mutton chop beards were popular in Victorian era
Mutton chop beards were popular in Victorian era

Lots of people are interested in learning about the kind of looks those people had during that period.

Victorian era beards are an interesting topic, especially for the men. The style of keeping facial hair came up in the Victorian period. Men were usually clean shaven prior to the Victorian period. Beards were of different kinds during this period. The fashion of whiskers came up in this period. In modern times, people grow facial hair in November calling it Movember movement.

The growth of the whiskers was considered to be the signs of manhood during this period. The Victorian era beards can be found in the pictures of that era. The pictures are easily available in the books of the Victorian ages as well as on the internet.

Charles Dickens with his beard
Charles Dickens with his beard

The writers, the poets as well as other eminent people of this age believed in growing the beard as well as whiskers. The beards were of different styles. Some of these men kept beards which were long while others kept short beards.

During the Victorian era, people who had no beards were not considered to be man enough. Facial hairs became a strong sign of manhood. As the Victorian age advanced they style of beard started changing. The beards become more pronounced as well as bushier.

Hierarchy of beards
Hierarchy of beards – see bottom of poster for the source

Men with fashion and style in the Victorian age had to follow the beard style so that they can prove themselves to the society. These men wanted to become an important part of the society by following the current style of the society. Whiskers of this period were of so many different types.

Later on, the style again changed in the 20th century. Moustaches were also popular along with the beard during the nineteenth century. The Victorian era beards became so popular that few people tried to follow them even after the end of this period.

This style was followed both by the young as well as old people. The generations throughout the Victorian era had beards as well as thin moustaches. The women too liked this style in men.