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Victorian Era bird cages and its designs

The bird cages available then were very attractive and decorative.

The Victorian bird cages were one of the ornamented pieces that people kept in their houses. These cages may or may not have birds in them. The cages were used to beautify the room and formed an integral part of the house decoration. The general condition of the cages and the materials used to make them were given much importance.

victorian birdcages
Victorian Era bird cage

The value of an antique Victorian cage depends upon the age, the condition and design of the respective cage. Back then, it was an unknown phenomenon that certain materials used can contain unhealthy proportions of lead which would be dangerous not only for the life of the birds residing in them but also the humans.

victorian bird cages
Victorian Era bird cages

There was a Conservative Victorian bird cage which had four post gold finish to it. The cage had resin base that added to the sturdiness and structure of the cage and was also very convenient to clean. It even had metal wire bars that add to the shine and luster of the cage and had a ring on its top making it easy to hang.

Then there was a Victorian parrot cage and stand that was 25 inches high and made out of brass. It had two decorated wire doors that can slide up to show the opening and there was a third door that was not decorated that would slide up to show the openings.

This cage stand would usually have flowers and foliage embroidery on it and was made out of heavy cast iron base and the stand stood on three feet. Overall it was very interesting to watch this Victorian cage and the stand which was beautiful and substantive.

Other bird cages that were commonly seen were the Victorian top cage, Victorian open top, fan top bird cage and top cage.