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Victorian Era Bridal Shower

Victorian Era Bridal Shower

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Bridal shower is a party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of the wedding. In this party, the bride is pampered with gifts and affection by her friends and family. The custom of a bridal shower can be traced back to 1890s.


This custom is said to have developed from the earlier dowry practices when a less affluent father could not provide the dowry money or the father of the bride refused to give dowry as a sign of disapproval to the marriage.

It was such circumstances that the friends would come together and give the girl gifts or money in lieu of dowry and show their support for the wedding.

Bridal Shower Celebration

The bridal shower was an occasion where friends of the would-be-bride met and celebrated the joyous moments of the bride’s life. Since it marked the get-together of friends, an ideal bridal shower was the tea party.

Victorian Bridal Shower Tea Parties

Tea parties were a popular phenomenon in the Victorian period. Along with tea, sandwiches, cakes, pastries, etc. would also be served. The bride-to-be would be given gifts by her friends and relatives in celebration of her future married life.

the Victorian tea party became renowned for its cozy, personal air as it was an occasion that was celebrated by the bride to be and a couple of her close friends.


The location for bridal shower was essential. As the Victorian bridal shower was a personal affair, it was either held at the bride’s house or at some close friend’s house.

But mostly all the bridal showers were held at the bride’s place. Another factor that was important in the showers was the season when the wedding was to take place.

Victorian Era Bridal Shower

In case the marriage was in autumn or winter season, then the Victorian bridal shower tea parties were held near the fireplace which added to the beauty of the celebration. If the wedding was in summer, then the bridal showers were held in the garden area.

Thus, the bridal shower in the Victorian period was a way in which the bride-to-be was encouraged to step into her life of being a married woman.

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