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Victorian Camping Tradition

Victorian Camping Tradition: I have been trying to find more information about places to enjoy Victorian-era style camping in the UK. However, have not come across any great places. Do send me information if you come across any.

Victorian Camping Tradition

However, if you are looking for a usual camping holiday in Victoria in Australia, read on.

1) Parks Victoria Information Centre

It helps people know life in the Victorian era was by creating the true Victorian Ambiance.

Victorian Camping Tradition

Some of the popular parks for camping in Victoria, Australia are Wilsons Promontory National Park, Grampians National Park, Alpine National Park, Mount Buffalo National Park, Great Otway National Park, and Cape Conran Coastal Park.

Victorian style camping
Victorian style camping. source: collectorsweekly.com

2) A Thames Skiff

It is a traditional River Thames wooden rowing boat which is used for Skiffing activity. These boats give the perfect ambiance as the boats came to be developed during the Victorian period. A camping skiff has an easily erectable canvas cover which is useful in outdoor holidays.