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Victorian Era Carriages

The transport system has developed since the early ages. Today we can avail buses, cabs and personal cars but previously these vehicles were not available. There was a time when people used to move around in horse carriages. One of the most popular periods in the history of Britain is the Victorian era.

Brougham carriage

This period began in the year 1837 and went on until the year 1901. This was the period when Queen Victoria ruled England. The Victorian period has a rich culture and tradition and it also has certain things, the memory of which can be cherished.

Victorian era carriages were a tradition of that period. It was almost a new world in the Victorian period. At this point of time railways entered the scenario. There were lots of developments made in the Victorian area but still, the horse-drawn carriages were popular among the people.

These carriages were used by people who belonged to the higher class in the society. Carriage riding was not only necessary during that age but it was romantic as well. Poets during that period used to write poems on these carriages with their beloved.

Carriages in Victorian era had lots of other things related to it. There were certain etiquettes of riding a carriage. The ladies usually enter into the carriages with the help of the men. Once the lady takes the seat, the gentleman can also enter into the carriage.

The gentlemen usually gave orders to the driver of the carriage. Victorian era carriages became very much popular during that period. The carriages were driven by people who were experts in driving the horses.

Most of these carriages were available for rent. But the affluent families which longed for their personal carriages had to choose a smart carriage for their use. Other than the vehicle they also need to look for a pair of a horse.

The Victorian era carriages were used for shopping, outings as well as making calls. The people of the Victorian era used the carriages to reach their destination like theatres, offices and many other places. There was no shortage of carriages in the market.

There were different kinds of accessories which were available in the market and which could be used to decorate the horse ridden carriage. But after a certain point of time there were more developments in the transport system and later on, these horse carriages were no more available.

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