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Victorian Era Celebrations of Festivals

There are certain days which are celebrated by people of all ages and countries. The format of celebrations might vary from one era to the other. Some of the special days are added to the list of celebration in a period and then it is carried on by the people of other periods.

Christmas celebration

People who lived in the Victorian area had lots of reasons to celebrate. One of the major celebrations of this period was Christmas. This is a common celebration of almost every period. But the Victorian era celebrations differed from the other eras.

Celebration of Christmas
Celebration of Christmas

The traditions and customs also differed from one period to the other. The Victorian era celebrations were according to the customs and traditions of that period. It is an important fact that prior to the Victorian era nobody heard about Santa Claus. Victorian era was responsible for adding something extra to the celebrations of Christmas.

The Victorians influenced the Christmas celebrations in a great way. The face of Christmas changed once Queen Victoria came to the throne in the year 1837. Previously people did not send any Christmas greetings card to their near and dear ones.

There were no crackers used for Christmas. People even did not have holidays during the Christmas days. But everything suddenly changed since the Victorian era. Victorian era celebrations added the extra flavor that was required for these special occasions.

The idea of giving gifts to the near and dear ones during the special occasions also became popular during this period. The Victorian era was so much fulfilling in every respect. At this point of time, Charles Dickens composed some of the popular Christmas carols which became the theme of the celebration.

The Christmas carols influenced the wealthy people of that era to distribute their wealth among the poor and the needy during the time of celebrations. The people of this age started taking time out of their work to celebrate these special occasions with their family and friends.

During this period both 25th and 26th December were spent celebrating Christmas and Boxing Day. Due to the industrial development in this period, people become advanced. They understood that they had the right to celebrate and enjoy their holidays.

The advent of Santa Claus is one of the most interesting parts of the celebrations during Victorian times. He was known as the Father Christmas during the Victorian era celebrations of Christmas.