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Victorian Era Ceramics

Victorian Era Ceramics: The Tiles could be ceramic, pressed clay, terra cotta, or a combination. Domestic and Decoration crafts have long been looked down upon as the feminine art form.

Victorian Era Ceramics

In the Victorian Era, a practice of devaluing women’s work is highly evident, in which the female artists were overly criticized and undervalued in comparison to their male artists.

Victorian Era Ceramics

The Victorian period also produced a type of tile which was hand-made and resembled a bone-like structure.

Victorian Era Tiles

The original Victorian tiles were the classic white and black colored tiles. In the Victorian era, one of the commonly used tiles was the Geometric floor tiles which gave the floor the elegant Victorian look.

Victorian Era Ceramics

Mosaic floor tiles are another type of flooring tile which is used during the Victorian time. These Victorian tiles were available in various patterns and colors.

Different types of Tiles during Victorian Era:

Ceramic Tiles 

Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles were used to give the bathrooms an elite Victorian look. The Victorian tiles were usually in shapes like Diamond, Rectangle, Octagons Square and other patterns.

Victorian times Ceramics

During the early years of the Victorian era, fireplaces did not have tiles or any other ceramic work. It was at the beginning of the 19th century that the tiles were placed around the Fireplace area.

Fireplace Tiles

The Minton Hollins design was used for the walls of the fireplace. The mosaic pattern was also common during the Victorian period.

Georgian Era Interior Design

The fireplace tiles had various designs flowers, birds or even some character from the famous book, etc.

Here are some pictures of Victorian Era Ceramics:

Victoria and Albert’s museum has some great information about the ceramics. Below is a typical Ceramic during Victorian times which had a floral pattern.

Ceramics during Victorian times:

Ceramics during victorian times

Victorian Era Ceramics:

Victorian Era Ceramics

Victorian Era Ceramics:

Victorian Era Ceramics