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Victorian Era Charities and Philanthropy

It was the period of the Roman Empire when the in 1601, philanthropy became a part of the feudal system. Help was something that was very much considered as the part of the royal contribution.

The royal contribution was added by the people’s personal charity. The religion and the entire lives of the people made them do some kind of charitable work. The position and the status of the churches were also increased. Churches started playing a very prominent role in the lives of the people.

Role of church in charity

Victorian era charities slowly saw the role of the church started evolving. They became the main instrument of charity. The charity was about involving every being in some kind of social service and good work.

There was a personal motivation that they had about doing well for the society and for the people around them. The charity was something that was very erratic and no matter what the act was, it did not always fulfill the need of the person.

Philanthropy was defined in the Victorian era as the complete effort of financial, economic, material and also ideal resources. It was during the 19th century that they started being run through the foundations and it became more organised. There were also companies, some organisations that required membership and with the help of the donations by the middle and the upper classes, the lower classes were benefitted.

There were also some charity based movements that came into existence. With the emergence of the states, before and during this time period, poverty and social welfare slowly started becoming something that became a part of the law of the state and the law of the nation.

State role in charity

State also started advocating reforms and all aid were tried to be given to the people who were poor. The duties of the government also started increasing in this manner. The government also started monitoring the efforts of these organisations. The civic, as well as the religious structures also started taking care of the people who were poor.

Social sciences started been divided into different branches. People started consulting philanthropists and categorised and divided these problems.

The inclusion of social sciences in the efforts of the philanthropy added and supported the effort.

The wealthy people started giving and helping people on a special day that was known as the Christian duty day.

Victorian era charities were something that was considered as an act that will help people save their souls.