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Victorian Era Decency and Manners

The Victorians were very particular about the decency and the mannerism that they followed.

The following are the points that they quite strictly followed and which quite became a part of the culture.

Victorian era manners
Victorian manners

These points elaborate about the Victorian era decency and manners:

1. Victorian girls were trained right from their early years about the life that they have to live after their marriage. This involves taking care of the family and the house. Modesty is a virtue that they are taught right from the beginning.

2. It is also a kind of a culture that all sorts of invitations have to be sent at least 7 to 10 days before the actual date of the event. And once a person gets the invite, then it is also expected that he will reply within a weeks time of receipt of the invite.

3. Books are something that they believed should neither be borrowed nor be lent. In case you have borrowed, then the return would have to indicate that you are obliged to the person and it is customary to add a thank you note with the book.

4. Whenever you see a person who is either elder to you or is a dignitary, then you are supposed to rise up at least a feet and give due respect.

5. Conversations are supposed to happen in a manner that everyone gets a chance each to speak and listen. It should not happen that only one person speaks and the other only listens.

6. Conversations should never be monopolised. And also never interrupt a person who is speaking.

7. Gentlemen are those who do not always smell too hard. They are supposed to apply the bare minimum of perfume and they should not over do this.

8. Whenever a lady is crossing a road, then it is expected that she will hold her gown or the dress in such a manner that it is a bit above the ankle. She will use the right hand to hold her dress.

9. Whenever a lady is introduced to a man, then she should never shake hand. Instead, she should bow and speak in a gentle tone.

10. A gentleman may very delicately kiss the lady’s forehead or hand. He should not kiss her cheek.

11. In case you are conversing with people who you do not know very well, then you are expected not to lead the conversation.

Manners did play a very important role in Victorian society.

There were several etiquettes about courtship and dating. These rules were quite interesting. Do read those as well.