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Victorian Era Decline Reasons

The Victoria era is defined at the time period when Queen Victoria reigned; this was for almost 20 years from June 1837 to 22 January 1901.

It was a very long period and the British people enjoyed abundant of prosperity. Some of the scholars who have read and understood this time period speak about the varieties and also the sensibilities along with political concerns of that time.

These have been associated with the Victorians.

It was noticed that the population of England almost doubled from 1851 to 1901. This population rose quite rapidly. It was at the same time, a number of people from theĀ United Kingdom left during the Victoria Era and they went off to settle in places like Canada, United States and Australia.

Victoria reigned for exactly 63 years and for 216 days. This was the (then) longest period for any of the queen to rule in Britain. It was at this time that the living of the people quite improved and they could live a better life.

There were conditions of both fertility and population that affected the decline of this period.

Fertility rate increased

The fertility rate in the Victorian period increased greatly in almost each decade. One of the reasons for this to happen was the improvement in the living and the health conditions of everyone that included the women.

It has been noted that around this time, even the marriage rate had increased. One of the reasons that assert this fact is that people now had the money to wed.

Later this situation had to be brought into control because it started affecting the entire economy. It was then that the birth control, measures were undertaken.

Mortality rate declined

The mortality rate in Britain changed quite a lot in the 19th century. There was also no situation of a catastrophe breaking in the form of famine.

The environmental and also the health standards of the people improved. There was sewage work and the quality of the drinking water also improved. It was the time that the technological improvements also happened immensely.

There was something quite sudden and unexpected that happened between 1848 and 1849. This was the time when cholera spread as an epidemic in London. This killed a lot of people. The statistics show that almost 11000 people were killed because of this disease.

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