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Victorian Era floral designs by Florists. Roses and Floral patterns

The messages sent within flowers and meanings behind certain floral arrangements that we see in today’€™s floral stores actually began and dates right back to the Victorian era.

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The language of flowers enabled people to express emotions of maybe love or show without having to say it in words. A Victorian florist could successfully encapsulate this Within his or her flower arrangements or Victorian floral pattern.

This is when the language of flowers was most popular and often gives moral meanings. During this era, the people loved flowers a lot. At this time, the type of flower or the colour of the flowers were extremely important to the gift receiver as they said a lot about what you thought of them.

Therefore a flower dictionary was created in order to help the Victorians out and was designed in 1818. This then standardized to the meaning of flowers as we know it today and the associations that we give.

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The Victorian floral pattern also played an important role in decorating other than communication. Superstitions came with certain flowers were seen best for decoration purposes more so than gift giving. Victorians did relish the thought of giving flowers and viewed them as a pleasure to behold.

The traditional woman within the Victorian era took great pride within how she decorated her home with certain floral designs and traditional Victorian floral pattern . This is when they got to express their feelings and thoughts and put it into making their home look beautiful.

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A Victorian florist viewed roses as the most beautiful of all the flowers. The people during this time period were amazed by the beauty it unraveled from the deepness of its red to the soft silky petals that cascaded like a waterfall down to its stem.

Roses were the popular flowers within many households and were defiantly a brilliant give to be received by friends or family. This is why many Victorian aficionado Relish roses due to them being the most loved flower of the era and is extremely old fashioned which adds to their attractiveness.

There are several different ways florists used to decorate with Victorian floral designs such as incorporating a single rose onto a china vase, sewn on a black velvet throw pillow, to dry them and use them as potpourri.