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Victorian Era Garnet Ring

Victorian Era Garnet Ring: Engagement and wedding rings have always been special. People who buy these rings usually buy them for a lifetime and this is the reason why they want it to be the best.

Victorian Era Garnet Ring

Engagement rings can be of different types. Different people have different choices regarding the rings.

Victorian Era Garnet Ring

The designs usually vary for the men’s and women’s rings. Among the various styles, the Victorian era garnet ring is the most popular. The rings which are made in the Victorian style fall in the category of antique jewelry.

Victorian Era Garnet Ring

The Victorian era was one of the most romantic periods where the queen was romantically involved with Prince Albert. Lots of people feel that the rings of that age symbolize the romance that was prevalent in that period. The Victorian era garnet rings were made according to the traditions and customs of that period.

Victorian Rings Designs and its Significance

In most of the cases, the garnet ring of the Victorian style has a huge diamond in it. But today people even use more expensive stones on the garnet rings. During the Victorian period, diamond and gold supply was limited.

Victorian Era Garnet Ring

This was the reason why the designers always had to think of unique designs. The designs were so much creativity that it has lots of value even today. These designs are still popular today and today they are sold at a higher price.

Materials Used for the Ring

Some of the materials used for designing the ring are silver, white gold, and gold. The weight of the material differs from one ring to another according to the requirement.

Victorian Era Garnet Ring

Some of the rings are made of 10K gold while others are made with .925 sterling of silver. The Victorian era garnet ring is available widely these days. People can either get them in jewelry stores or even on the internet.

Victorian Meaning of Gemstones

The engagement rings of the Victorian era displayed the creativity as well as the frugality of the Victorian times.

Victorian Betrothal Rings

Lots of people celebrating their anniversaries these days present their wives with these wonderful rings. The Victorian rings are rated for purity. The gemstones are also rated. When the ring and the gemstones are rated as AAA, it means that the ring is excellent.

Tip for Buying a Garnet Ring

Before buying the Victorian era garnet ring it is very important to check the rating of the material as well as the stone. This ring has been depicted as the symbol of love since the Victorian period and the craze is still not over.