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What were Victorian era gentleman’s manners and etiquettes?

During the Victorian era, when someone was called Victorian gentlemen, it meant that they did not need to work in order to earn money or perform any manual labour in order to live and survive. Also, this type of man was classified by owning their own land and having a particularly generous income.

A Victorian gentleman was also classified by a person who never inflicts pain to anyone. He has a helpful air about him who instead of doing things off of his own initiatives, supports their actions. He has several luxuries that emphasise and embody his gentleman-like nature.

Typical manners expected of a Victorian gentleman

Victorian gentleman's costume
Victorian gentleman’s costume


The gentlemen ensure that they do not have a clash of opinions with others but strive to maintain a respectable and likeable reputation with those who know him and his family so will always stay away from any actions that will jolt in the perceptions of those who he knows. The gentleman of the Victorian era would, therefore, be sure to maintain his respectable nature and maintain a concern being to make everyone feel at ease when they talk to him.


During conversations with those who accompany him, he would have his eyes on all of his company ensuring that he sustains his gentleness, mercifulness and tenderness towards all people no matter what they act like or who they are.

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To many people’s surprise, the gentleman was not meant to think too much of himself and be egotistical. Instead, he chose not to bring himself or matters concerning himself up in the day to day conversation. In fact, even if he was insulted by slander or gossip, this would still not spur him on to defend his reputation by a few rumours.

It definitely sounds like a hard task to be a Victorian gentleman but you can be sure that the men of this time day and age carried out their demeanour and grace wherever they went and whatever they did.


Victorian era manners
Victorian manners

He has a good reputation in his workplace and with the people he interacts with and as you can see by the image presented on the page, he was extremely well presented. Most likely did not have a hair out of place, his presentation was always to be kept at the upmost of appearances and regarded as extremely important. Not only to himself but to all of those who beheld his gentlemanlike manner and appearance.