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Victorian Era Newspapers: Various sections, Layouts and Templates

I was tracing the growth of newspapers in the United Kingdom when I came across some interesting facts regarding the newspapers which prevailed during 1837- 1901.  Here I have summarised my findings on Victorian newspapers other than the Illustrated London News.

There were a number of advancements in the newspaper industry during the time when Queen Victoria ruled Britain. The circulation of books has increased, there was a huge reduction in the prices of newspapers and magazines. All these factors established a link between the masses and the printed world.


Victorian newspaper sections

The newspapers of the Victorian era comprised of a Front page, Advertisements page, Articles, Police Court Report, Letters to the editor, Classified Section, Situation Vacant etc.

Notable features of the newspapers of the Victorian era

The Layout of most of the newspapers was similar and the news appeared in black and white print. Information regarding the date of the newspaper, its price, the edition number was printed on the first page along with the name of the newspaper. The Manchester Chronicle had no headline news or images on the first page instead Situations vacant occupied the front page as it job was of utmost importance to the people.

Victorian Era Newspapers

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The above statements were some of the popular advertisements printed in the newspapers of the Victorian era. For the purpose of advertisements, photographs were used very rarely in newspapers. Full page advertisements were not used until a long time.

The newspapers of the Victorian era published articles which reported news in a factual way. The articles just revealed the basic story and excluded commentaries and opinions of the reporter, unlike today. They were shorter in size as compared to the articles of 21st century. Space was used efficiently in the newspapers considering the difficulties in the typesetting process.

19th-century British newspapers

In 1855, the Victorian period saw the birth of the newspaper The Daily Telegraph which earned a name for itself in the Victorian era. In 1986 came the first colour newspaper, The Independent. The typesetting machine invented by Ottmar Mergenthaler in 1880 and the monotype machine invented by Tolbert Lanston in 1887 paved the way for changes in the field of printing of a newspaper.

But the year 1896 gifted to Britain, The Daily mail which is one of the popular newspaper in history. The following year after its establishment Daily mail published the largest news illustration showcasing the Diamond Jubilee Procession. With Daily Express being the first paper to put the news on the front page in 1900 the story of the newspapers of Victorian era came to an end.

Victorian newspaper templates: editable in ppt

If you want to create your newspaper with Victorian look for a school project, here are some templates courtesy of “editable old newspaper templates” by presentationmagazine.com.

Victorian era newspapers editable template

Victorian era newspapers ppt template