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Victorian Era Royal Wedding Cakes

Royal Wedding Cakes: A wedding cake is served at wedding receptions following the dinner or is boxed and handed to each guest at the time one leaves the party.

Royal Wedding Cakes

The cake also displayed the status of the family and was planned and prepared very cautiously and carefully.

The Wedding Cake of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

The two chief wedding cakes were made by Messrs. Gunter, of Berkeley Square and were exhibited to more than 21,000 people before it was sent to the palace. Along with the two principal wedding cakes, there were hundreds of small cakes which were cut up and distributed, practically to the entire world.

Royal Wedding Cakes

The cake had the figures of Victoria and Albert in which there was a dog designed at the feet of the prince denoting fidelity and a pair of turtle doves at the feet of the queen which denoted beauty of the marriage state. Along with other things, there were four white stain flags with Royal Arms painted on them.

Royal Wedding Cakes for Prince and Princess of Wales

The marriage of Prince and Princess of Wales was held on 10 March 1863. Along with jewelry and garments on display for many days, the wedding cake was also the talk of the empire. The wedding cake was made by the Queen’s confectioner, M. Pagniez and equal participation were of the Royal confectioners, Messrs. Bolland, of Chaster.

Royal Wedding Cakes

It was a three-tier cake at the bottom of which were festoons composed of rose, thistle, and shamrock. The entire cake was surmounted by a temple surrounded with orange blossoms and silver leaves. The cake was of 5 feet in height.

Wedding cake of Prince Leopold and Princess Helen of Waldeck-Pyrmont

The next wedding cake that’s needs to be discussed and deserves attention is of Prince Leopold and Princess Helen of Waldeck-Pyrmont who was married on 27 April 1882. This wedding cake stood 6 feet high. It was mounted on a richly carved gift stand which was first used on the wedding of Prince of Wales.

The decoration of the cake was unique where the lower portion consisted of four groups representing the four continents – Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. One of the most noticeable features of this cake was a number of satin surfaced pillars which were painted with lily and its foliage.

Royal Wedding Cakes

The second tier was octagonal in shape and the surfaces between the pillars were painted with orange blossoms. It represented the arms and monogram of the bride and the groom.  The third tier was decorated with wedding favors and festoons and on the top, was a fountain with a base where there were doves drinking from the basin.

Royal Wedding Cake

In the middle of all the emblems stood the cupid who had a vase full of beautiful flowers on his shoulders. It was interesting that the royal bakers had a different recipe for all the royal wedding cakes they made. It took almost six months to prepare the cake and the cake was also fit to be eaten only after six months. It was kept in the cake-room for the entire period of preparation.

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