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Victorian Era Women’s Shoes, Boots, Clogs and dress slipper

During the Victorian era, the social and moral values and even fashion were all inspired from the Queen Victoria. The shoes were important to complete a women’s apparel. But these shoes often got covered because of the long dresses worn by women and as a result, the demand for a variety of shoes was restricted. The shoes had to match the dress worn by women. These shoes were ornamented with beads, pearls, or rhinestones.

victorian shoes

In the Victorian period, there were three styles of shoes worn by women at an appropriate occasion the boot, clog and dress slipper. The boot was made from hard leather and was worn by working women during the day.

victorian shoes

The invention of the sewing machine further made the boots easily accessible. The dress slipper and clog were shoes that women wore on special occasions. These shoes would be made of satin with many bright colors and complex designs that perfectly matched with the dresses.

The basic idea behind wearing a shoe was to cover the feet below the large hoop skirt. The women of Victorian era were seen as an image of innocence and silence. It was considered inappropriate for women to show their feet. In case the feet and shoes were seen by people on these social gatherings, this would be make the woman feel humiliated.