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Belle Epoch -1890s

In 1890, The Bustle in Victorian fashion disappeared again.

Belle Epoch in the 1890s, Victorian Fashion

The skirts were slim and straight in the front. At the back, the skirts were fuller. The puffs and lift disappeared. In some dresses, the swag of the 1880 bustle remained.

What is La Belle Epoch- 1890-1914

The French called this epoch the most luxurious in fashion clothing and style. This period saw a peak in the three aspects of genre building-fashion clothing and style. It was an epoch of beautiful clothes.

Fashion reached the peak of luxury living and style. Though this was mainly for a select few and upper sections of the society. These privileged ones who enjoyed fashion were very rich and the privileged through birth. Those who were born with a silver spoon in mouth.


The sleeves became fuller as the skirts narrowed. The sleeves had puffs and were full.


The bodice was either short till the hip or was long as jackets.

1890 Fashion Plate- Victorian Fashion


The Victorian Fashion by 1890 was dependent on accessory and props. The young ladies wore very pretty hats, hand accessories. These were of very high quality and made of rich fabrics.

Belle Epoch-1891 Journal des Demoiselles

By 1890, the bustle and the frill at the back really diminished. The entire focus shifted on the bodice. The skirts were plain in the front with some fullness at the back. This was normal.

Customized Designs and Tailor-made garments:

La Belle Epoque was heavily influenced by custom made designs and tailor-made garments for women. At this time clothing began to change. Women became more work-oriented and functional.

This impacted the clothing and style of late epoch.

After the Prussian War:

After the Prussian war, the fullest part of the bustle and women’s skirts moved to the back. This bustle at the back was draped with overskirts. The bustles were used to support the skirts from the back. The front simple.

Belle- Epoch -women’s skirts were supported by bustles.

A Fashionable Era

The Belle Epoch was a fashionable era. Women loved to wear stylish and exquisite designs. It looked ravishing and stylish with coordinating and supportive hair-do and accessories.

Belle Epoch Fashion Frame Belle Epoch -fashion and clothing

Fashion and Clothing went hand in hand

Fashion during this time was synonymous to clothing. Women wore stylish yet functional clothes.

What is La Belle Epoch- 1890-1914

The French called this epoch the most luxurious in fashion clothing and style. This period saw a peak in fashion clothing and style. It was an epoch of beautiful clothes and the peak of luxury living for a select few – the very rich and the very privileged through birth.

Contrasting colors and shades

This period saw color contrasts and a combination of different shades. This looked very attractive and added a much-needed uniqueness and charm to the clothes and fashion.

Belle Epoch Fashion- The contrasting sleeves with the blue dress in the Belle Epoch period

All said and done, this period was highly fashionable and new designs.

Tailor-made ready to wear costumes became popular

Tailor-made ready to wear custom made costumes became popular and chic. Women became conscious of what they wore. Hair and hair accessories also played an important part and complimented the women’s attire.

All in all the Victorian Fashion was at the epitome during this highly stylish and fashionable era.

The Silhouette after 1890

The bustle disappeared from the day dresses. On its part came the new day skirt style which was slightly flared smoothly. The flare was over the hips from a handspan waist and then gradually widened at the hemline.

This looked stylish and manageable. It showed a shift from the fashionable to the fashionable yet functional designs.

If we retrospect and examine this era,  we can see it is an era that is very separate from the 20th century.

New socialism and sense of personal identity was born

A new sense of socialism and a sense of personal identity was born. The masses started to reject the concept of privilege as the reason for a better life. Women became conscious of wearing functional and fashionable dresses and became aware of their new role in Victorian society.

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