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During the Victorian time period, a common point of interest among many no matter whether they were young or old, male or female was the talk of love. It was also a time of creativity, imagination, and innovation. The limits of science and art were put to the test and reached sky limits beyond what no one could have imagined. However, in the context of science, art and love, none stood out more to society than love.

This was then promoted and emphasised through Victorian love letters and Victorian love poems. Yes, romance used to capture the hearts and minds of every reader who came across these emotional passages of writing.

Expressions of love from this era clearly demonstrate that Victorians were often exceptionally sentimental and romantic and, that they were fond of showing it in many special ways.

During writers poems and love letters, passions would be written and it evolved and grew more than ever throughout the Victorian time period.

During the reign of Queen Victoria, some of the most iconic Victorian love poems were recorded and admired by thousands. When a time of history, customs, beliefs and ideas were all going through a change, this was bound to have an impact on love and how people’s perceptions of that changed also which is clearly reflected in several Victorian love poems.

Victorian era love expressions

Victorian love seats and a hand painted token of love was another art form used to express artists view of love. It was seen as the artful skeletonising of leaves which used to be a popular Victorian craft. It was a token of affection like never seen before and was embellished with dried flowers and ferns.

It was something that the gift receiver could keep for a long time and It would contain many priceless memories. It was created from delicate straw and not the harsh paper that used to be used so heavily throughout the Victorian era. No, this type was more delicate, more beautiful and more treasured. Just like the emotion of love. Which is probably why they worked so well together.

So you can be sure that no matter who you were trying to impress or who you were trying to express your feelings to when you got one of these wonderful gift tokens it really showed that the words and the meanings were from the deepest place of the heart. It expressed feelings in a way that was never seen before and the words written painted a picture of the perfect love.

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