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Victorian Period Derby Day

Races have been popular since a long time. Among the various races that were popular horse race needs a special mention. Horse races today are enjoyed by common men. They even put their bet on a particular horse to make some money.

Victorian horse racing

But previously these races were meant for kings and queens and royal guests were invited in this occasion. Victorian era is one of the most popular periods of English history. Victorian era derby day was one of the popular events that were hosted during that period. The race is quite unique and the day is special.

The Derby Day 1856-8 William Powell Frith 1819-1909 Bequeathed by Jacob Bell 1859


There have been many derbies since the Victorian period and some of them have really been special. But the most special derby was when Queen Victorian herself attended the race for the first time in her life. It was in the year 1840 when she and prince Consort attended the event.

Since then the race became quite special and important to the British people. Very little is actually known about the first derby day. But there is a record of that fact that it started in the year 1780 on May Day.

It is also not known when the horses got an entry to the derby. The gathering during the derby day has always been fashionable. The people of Britain have always been emotionally attached to the Victorian era derby day.

The day Queen Victoria and price Consort arrived for the derby day the sports almost became fashionable. Previously few people were only interested in this game. But after this special day lots of people gathered to watch the race and they got involved in the race too.

There are various other countries which have imitated the format of the Victorian era derby day but they have not been so much successful. The derby day of the Victorian era stands out from the rest of the days.

The appeal of Victorian derby was huge. In some of the instances it has also been found that the parliament has been adjourned due to the derby race. Today the race has achieved a different meaning for people in Britain.

The popularity of this race has been possible because of the Victorian period and the queens involvement in it. There are very few records of the early derby days because few people attended the event at that point of time. But today people enjoy it to the fullest extent.

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