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Victorian Era Rich People’s Food, their Diet and typical Meals

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The life of the people in the Victorian Britain was determined on whether the person was born in a rich family or a poor family. The wealthy and the poor led two absolutely contradictory lives. Despite the progressive nature of England in various fields, the people within the country faced challenges like a limitation of food.

Victorian rich people's breakfast food
Victorian rich people’s food

The accessibility of good and healthy food directly depended upon the income of a person and during 1830-1840 the income of people had drastically reduced owing to the depression. However, such problems never gravely affected the rich and the wealthy who had enormous money, either inherited or by way of the royal service.

Rich people’s food during Victorian era

The wealthy people never had any issues whatsoever in terms of food cooked in the house. Their diet consisted of a variety of bread to choose from, cheese, milk, butter, potatoes, onions, garlic and other luxurious items that the poor could only afford after toiling hard for days together.

Meat and Wine also formed a crucial part of the rich Victorian diet. Beef, goose, ham, turkey, etc were cooked on a regular basis in the wealthy homes. However, the rich used spices in their food but it was something that the poor could not so easily afford.

Victorian food for rich people
Victorian rich had abundant food

The reason was that spices were imported from other European countries and even from India which made these spices very expensive. Demand for these spices also attributed to their being very costly.

Typical rich Victorian party food
Typical rich Victorian party

Besides this, on special occasions like Christmas, the wealthy have lavish meals which include plum pudding, mince pie, boars head, roasted goose, etc. The rich and the wealthy enjoyed luxurious life and good quality food which the working class could only imagine.

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