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Victorian Era Society Characteristics

Victorian era characteristics were quite unique in comparison to today’s times. Even their view of behavior had many things different than today. Things as little as a man sitting down before women just prior to eating was considered extremely rude.

Victorian society characteristics: manners and etiquettes

In a time today where I frequently sit at the table with a hat on, it was inappropriate for men to even sit down at a table with gloves on, much less leaving a hat and gloves on for an entire meal. The ladies did not have a much easier time. If they used an older man’s first name this was considered inappropriate and a lack of respect. Now, where I even call my superior bosses by their first name, I can not imagine a time where I always had to use someone’s family name.

Victorian society characteristics

Victorian society characteristics about dressing

The way that society dressed also showed how strict they were. Society enforced unspoken rules that women were required to wear dresses all the time. While the style changed from very formal and lengthy garments which would drag the floor to dresses that just went to the feet, it was still very conservative. It was a time in which arms and legs were referred to as extremities. This meant that they were to be covered at all times.

Victorian society characteristics: Industrial revolution

Even though society as a whole would be viewed as very conservative, the era was actually a very progressive era. The Victorian era featured the most popular revolution of all time, the Industrial Revolution. Machines were being built to handle many jobs. Science was beginning to take off and many new ideas, including the theory of evolution was sparked during the Victorian era. Although mannerisms of the people were conservative, their way of thinking began to become very progressive.

Education was a key Victorian feature

Another thing that this society began to put value in was education. While early on in the Victorian era and prior to her reign on the throne, education took a back seat. Half of the people were unable to read or write. Even the term gentlemen had a different meaning by the time the Victorian era ended. Early on a gentleman was simply someone who came from a wealthy family, and was primarily associated with royalty.

However, by the end, the term gentlemen were also associated with the men who had received good educations. It goes to show you that the society had many important things they held onto that we still value today. Also read Victorian Era Characteristics: art, literature, technology, religion, social, political