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Vita Nuova: Oscar Wilde

Vita Nuova Poem Text

I stood by the Unvintageable sea
Till the wet waves drenched face and hair with spray;
The long red fires of the dying day
Burned in the west; the wind piped drearily;
And to the land the clamorous gulls did flee:
‘Alas!’ I cried, ‘my life is full of pain,
And who can garner fruit or golden grain
From these waste fields which travail ceaselessly!’
My nets gaped wide with many a break and flaw,
Nathless I threw them as my final cast
Into the sea, and waited for the end.
When lo! a sudden glory! and I saw
From the black waters of my tortured past
The argent Splendour of white limbs ascend!

Vita Nuova Poet

Oscar Wilde was a poet, playwright, essayist, novelist and had written short stories that went on to become milestones in English Literature.

Vita Nuova
Oscar Wilde

Review of Vita Nuova

The Writer Oscar Wilde was the master of metaphors and this poem is a double – layered one. Oscar Wilde has never failed in inspiring people and with poems such as these, he shows why.

This poem “Vita Nuova” inspires a person to not lose hope. It asks to hold on no matter how strong the storm at sea might get. One will win over all the difficulties if he has the courage to hold on and to fight.

About the Poet

The Poet Oscar Wilde was a great an Irish poet and famous writer. His stories, plays, and poems inspired a great number of people in the Victorian Era.

Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde

Fabien Dei Franchi was written for his friend Henry Irving and he is probably the one addressed here.

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