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Who are Whigs?

Politics has always played an important role in the society from the earlier days in the history and hence, Whigs and the Whig party is an important facet on the pages of history. In the earlier times, Europe, more specifically Britain was the center of political power,

Whig Party
A banner of the Whig Party

Rather the power hub and hence, we should all be well aware of the modern political history of the place that had and still has a tremendous influence upon the present political situation in the today connection and helped the political protocols the political parties to be formed and progressed over time.

Origin of the Whig Party

The party was founded around 1678

Place: Britain

Main motto: To save the hoi polloi from the political barbarianism and tyranny of the dispensation. To bring in human progress.

The Conflict: Whigs and Tories

The two political dispensations then were the Whigs and the Tories who were working at the same time but had different goals and different working principles that were followed.

A portrait of Robert Walpole – Whig Leader

One was holding back and the other was trying to work for progress and hence, the Whigs came up as the ultimate liberating force that tried hard to make people realize the malevolence of the tyranny and helped them to progress.

All About the Whig Party

Having 16 Prime Ministers the party took up significant jobs like immigration measures, working for the religious minorities in the society and so on and so forth.

They believed that the dispensation rather the parliament ought to be more representative of the county and hence,   passed bills and acts in accordance with that.

The Party as a Breakthrough in Abolishing the Slave Trade

Slave trade was widely in vogue and was almost like a mundane business in the everyday lives then but this miserable convention was abolished by the Whigs as a form of reformation and progressive thoughts for equality.

Legacy of Whigs

  • The Whigs, their working principles and the spirit that the party conceived had huge effects on other political parties such as the Labour Party in Britain and the Liberals. They imbibed the protocols of Whigs.
  • Working in favor of homosexuality was important that was started as a convention by the Whigs and also capital punishment was abolished then. Women’s empowerment had its seed dormant in these ideas.

The Revival and Return of Wiggery

Britain again needed the Whigs and had its revival around 2014 when there was again an abysmal situation in the political arena and to have a party for the intelligent, sceptic voters was a dire need of the time.

A portrait of William Pitt, the Elder – one of the Leaders of the Whig Party

The elections were held and the campaigns were cast into a different mold which had scope for gender equality, had space for women and the so-called minority as well. This emulation has been really progressive and benevolent under the political firmament of Britain.

“The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed “

                                                                                    By William Gibson

The Whig party toiled hard to make a place for itself on the bigger political platform so that they could raise their voices for the common masses and place their views, their questions and their solutions on the political map of Britain.

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