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Women and Fishing in Victorian Times

Women and Fishing: Earlier than the Victorian era the women were more dominated than later. There were shunned lesser by the society for stepping into the light irrespective of which class they belonged. They were allowed to be a part of the crowd at an event.

Women and Fishing in Victorian Times

The exertion of physical strength was still frowned upon but at a less standard. There was an increase in employment of women in the working class more than ever.

Women and fishing in Victorian times

They were even allowed to play outdoor sports to entertain their household life.

Fishing for Recreational Purposes

It depended on the class of the people which differentiated a work to be for a recreational purpose or for the sole purpose of living. During the Victorian era, Women and Fishing were also considered a sport as an entertainment in the upper class.

Victorian fishing
Women fishing party

It was the Victorian families who would seek a change in their lives in the midst of a country place in a large bungalow which was specifically built for shooting or fishing.

Scotland was such a place which not only helped the families to escape their busy life but also soothe their souls.

Fly Fishing

The Victorians usually used the technique of fly fishing to catch fishes. The salmon flies were large with colorful feathers tied with great artistry. During a cast, the weight of the lure or sinker,

combined with forwarding momentum generated by the cast pulls the line off the reel with a lightweight flies made out of fur and feathers and thin fishing line. Since the flies were of a vibrant color which was not a common show, it was successful in its work.

Women and Fishing in Victorian times
Newhaven family

The people had a great impact on the physical landscape of Scotland which further went into investments in a reservoir and fine fisheries, which are still in existence.

Fishing in Victorian Times Facts

The tactics of fly fishing developed as the years passed by and continue to do so. As the interest in fishing grew there were formations of many clubs during the period. An event now and then was organized where clubs would compete with each other.

Women and Fishing in Victorian Times

There are insights which have records of booking an entire coach or a train to take members to the venue. This was, of course, possible only by the rich atrocities and not by people of the labor class.

From the train, the members including women of their families were transferred to horse carriages to take them to fish. The idea of such an event then led to a business deal by the foundations of a club.

Women’s Fishing for Labor Purposes

In the midst of 1840 when the Industrial Revolution was full on its swing, a small harbor in the city of Edinburg was thriving. Newhaven was a fishing village which particularly comprised of a huge number of women workers.

Since the photography was still in infancy, the life of the workers was mainly observed on the shore. The women were traditionally dressed in striped aprons and woolen petticoats.

Victorian era fishing boat
Newhaven shore

They would bait lines, help unload and clean a fresh catch and then haul it up to the hill in Edinburg. There were baskets made out of willow which was especially used for the purpose of selling fish in the market.

The village of Newhaven was an example of a community which could coexist alongside great factories.

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