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David Lucas’ Short Biography

David Lucas was a mezzotint engraver. The eldest of seven children, he was born in 1802 to Charles Lucas, a farmer and his wife, Sarah. Lucas was a pupil of S. W. Reynolds who was also a mezzotint-engraver.

David Lucas Biography

Lucas was born in Geddington Chase, Northamptonshire, and he became a pupil of Samuel William Reynolds after the chance encounter in 1820.

David Lucas
David Lucas – The Lock and Dedham Vale

David Lucas moved to London as an apprentice and had produced his work by 1827.

David Lucas Life and His Work

In 1829, David Lucas moved to London to work as an apprentice and produced his own work by 1827.

Lucas was the protege of John Constable who was a reputed artist in the field. Constable had collaborated with Lucas numerous nubs of tamest illustrate ‘chiaroscuro of nature’.

Facts About David Lucas 

Lucas’ meeting with Constable happened when the former presented two samples of mezzotint engraving to the latter, who was so impressed that he took him on as an assistant for Constable’s book.

By 1829 Lucas knew John Constable, and he worked intensively on engravings for Constable’s Various Subjects such as Landscape, the Characteristic of English Scenery from 1830 to 1832. After the Constable died in 1837, he continued to produce works for the family

The Proposed Appendix to English Landscape Scenery issued by Moon prints in 1838, was also an example of a single published.

Same as Lucas’s ‘Large Single Prints’ and it prints from Lucas’s New Series of Engravings, illustrative of English Landscape, from the Pictures of John Constable published in 1846

David Lucas Books

The book was is Constable’s Various Subjects of Landscape, Characteristic of English Scenery for which Lucas worked from 1830 to 1832.

After Constable’s death, Lucas continued to produce engravings and artwork for the family. He died in 1881 in a workhouse in Fulham.

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