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Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

This section will give you an idea of the rich literature written during the Victorian era and the list of all famous Victorian authors. Also, check out Victorian poems that must be read.

Biographies of Popular Victorian writers, poets and novelists

Lesser-known Victorian Authors (but still good ones)

Pre-Victorian Authors covered on this site

Victorian era Writers from countries other than England

Victorians who verge on the Edwardian Period (their work can be either/or):

Here is a complete list of all famous Authors, Novelists, Poets, Poetesses

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“Wanting To Die”: Critical Detailed Analysis And Summary

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Oscar Wilde: Famous Victorian Author and Novelist

Oscar Wilde is probably the most famous of Victorian authors. He was an Irish. Check out the biography of Oscar Wilde, his life quotes, his famous book Happy Prince and much more.

Matthew Arnold

The Scholar Gipsy by Matthew Arnold

The Last Word Poem by Matthew Arnold

Matthew Arnold function of criticism

Matthew Arnold as a critic

Growing Old Poem by Matthew Arnold

Dover Beach Poem by Matthew Arnold


Charles Baudelaire

August Wilhelm Schlegel

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