Animal Farm

“Animal Farm” one of the major works of George Orwell. It is an allegorical Modern novel that fills with deep satire towards the world.

If readers, constantly read the whole novel it could gain the morose life of animals that are being dominated by a human being.

Perhaps George Orwell here tries to show the world that animals are equal to human-beings and they are needed to stay calm and happy.

Animal Farm as a Satire

“Animal Farm” is known as a satire that had been written in the form of child literature. If a reader sees there are hardly two to five works where animals get the authority to speak in the language of man.

Main quote of Animal Farm
Main quote of Animal Farm

Here, the author gives the animals the power to speak. In “Alice in Wonderland” we, the readers saw that the animals were speaking like a man and they have the same image of a man that provokes an equalization.

Animal Farm Quotes

“And remember also that in fighting against man we must not come to resemble him.                                  Even when you have conquered him, do not adopt his vices.”

Here, in this novel, George Orwell adopted the same concept, the power to speak.

Animal Farm Characters

Here, in this novel Mr.Jones, old Major, Snowbell, Napoleon, Boxer, Donkey, Pigs play important roles.

Animal Farm Summary

The story sets in a farmhouse near Willingdon, England where many animals are living under their alcoholic farmer Mr. Jones. He is not a good man as he always punishes the animals without any valid reason.

Not only that he forgets to feed the animals and he snatches the eggs and other things that the animals use to make of their own. Till now, it can be said that the farmer is crude to its animals he never let them stay in peace.

Once, all animals of the farm make a meeting against their farmer. Here, Pig Old Major becomes the speaker who raises its voice for the first time against if the farmer.

“Man serves the interests of no creature except himself.”

Old Major is an old pig who will die soon and that is why it is saying to the others not to be stay dominant. Here, all animals gain inspiration for the equalization. Old Major teachers a revolutionary song to all,

“Beasts of England”

After that, Old Major gets died and Napoleon and Snowball take the role of Old Major. They step ahead and through Mr. Jones from their farm.

The plot of Animal Farm by George Orwell

And after throwing him out they fix a name for their farm as “Animal Farm”. At this time all the animals fix many rules that everybody will maintain. These are like they will not sleep at the bed of Jones, none will keep on fighting with the others, and they make a rule of equalization.

“All animals are equal.”

So, here, “animalism” becomes the central theme of the novel. Like politics, the animals are also doing the same for freedom. Now all animals are doing work well and the farm becomes developed than the previous time.

Snowball thinking of their improvement and Napoleon at the same time keeps its eyes on Snowbell. Once Napoleon convinces all the animals that Snowball is making conspiracy and everybody through it out of their farm.

Now Napoleon takes the lead role he becomes the head of the farm. Napoleon let the pigs work more but not giving them much food to eat.

Animal Farm Movie

In the movie ‘Animal Farm’ the director makes the same plot and it gains clap from the audience.

So, after getting some pigs are getting offended to Napoleon as it works less and takes huge food but the other animals do not get that much to eat. It makes a role as,

“Four legs good, two legs bad”

At the time of Napoleon all the rules are getting changed because pigs start sleeping in the bed of Mr. Jones. At the same time, Napoleon sell eggs of hens in the market and that is why they become angry and start rebelling.

All Animals of Animal Farm
All Animals of Animal Farm


Before Napoleon, their commander Noble told them that their eggs will not be sold anywhere. But at this time they start talking against Napoleon and the farmhouse becomes decreased.

To stop the hen’s Napoleon kills the hens by its dogs and again the rule becomes changed. So, because of this reason slowly all the animals start going against Napoleon as it never lets the other animals feed except pigs.

“The distinguishing mark of man is the hand,

the instrument with which he does all his mischief.”

In the wind meal, everyone leaves working except boxer and donkey. But Boxer also gets wounded and Napoleon tries to send it to the animal hospital but Boxer never comes back.

At this time, pigs also start drinking whiskey for their own, and again the rule gets broken. So this is like devastation where nobody is listening to their speaker and start doing whatever they want. Here the story ends with the demolition of the “Animal Farm”.

Critical Analysis

In Animal Farm Book George Orwell tries to show the outer world by these animals. Mainly in the novel, the author is trying to show the satire of World Politics where the Russian Revolution happens in 1917.

The Head of Animal Farm
The Head of Animal Farm

By this novel, the author is trying to portray politics. The story tells of the Spanish civil war where the Soviet Union takes a huge role.

Themes of Animal Farm

Except these all, in this novel the author also tries to focus on the “animalism” they are being dominated by human-being and also cursed to them.

So, this is a novel that tells a story of animals that do not have the power of speaking, and that is why they are suppressed.

Questions and answers

What does Animal Farm symbolize?

Animal Farm symbolizes the animalism and their power to run a farm.

Why is Animal Farm banned?

Because the novel tells the political background of the contemporary age and becomes very political that is why was banned.

What is the moral of Animal Farm?

The moral issue of the novel is language is not the central part an animal also can have the power to raise voice against violence.

What is the message of the book Animal Farm?

Equalization is the central message to the readers.

How does George Orwell relate to Animal Farm?

George Orwell relates the farm with the Spanish civil war.