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Samuel Rogers (1763-1855) Biography

Early Life

Samuel Rogers was born on July 30, 1763, Stoke Newington, near London, and died on December 18, 1855, in London. He was, best remembered as a witty conversationalist and as a friend of greater poets.

He was the son of his father, Thomas Rogers, who was the son of a glass manufacturer at Worcestershire, he was related to Richard Payne Knight via his mother; he went to London in order to take part in the management of a warehouse in which his father was a partner.

He was an English poet and was highly celebrated although soon was overshadowed by poets like Wordsworth, Byron, etc. Apart from writing, he was also a banker and an art collector.

Famous Works of Samuel Rogers

His literary productions were glacial at the start. An Epistle to a Friend was published in 1798, portrayed what he thought of an ideal life. The Voyage of Columbus came next in 1810. In 1814, he came up with a poem that published with Byron’s Lara, Jacqueline was his later work.

He was recognized and famed due to his one of the most famous poem: The Pleasures of Memory, in 1792. The conversations he had at his dinner parties were recorded by Alexander Dyce and published as Recollections of the Table-Talk of Samuel Rogers. He wrote an epic, The Voyage of Columbus (1810); a collection of verse tales, Italy (1822–28); and a miscellaneous collection titled Poems (1834).

His other works include Character A Farewell, A Wish, An Epistle To A Friend, An Epitaph on a Robin Red-Breast, An Inscription – For Stratfield Saye, An Inscription for a Temple – Dedicated to the Graces, An Inscription in the Crimea, An Italian Song, From a Greek Epigram, etc.

He also, in 1781, contributed to the Gentleman’s Magazine, with several essays and short stories. He also created an opera in 1782, The Vintage of Burgundy. In 1786 An Ode to Superstition was published by him among other poems. After the settlement in Westminster, one of his earlier productions was Columbus, his fragmentary Epic.

Famous Quotes  by Samuel Rogers

He was known as a great conversationalist and had quit

  • Mine be a cot beside the hill;
    Samuel Rogers 
    Samuel Rogers

    A beehive’s hum shall soothe my ear;
    A willowy brook that turns a mill,
    With many, a fall shall linger near.(A Wish (1834))

  • That very law which molds a tear
    And bids it trickle from its source,—
    That law preserves the earth a sphere,
    And guides the planets in their course.(On a Tear (c. 1813-5))
  • Thou first, best friend that Heav’n assigns below
    To soothe and sweeten all the cares we know. (The Pleasures of Memory (1792))
  • Sweet Memory! wafted by thy gentle gale,
    Oft up the stream of Time I turn my sail.(The Pleasures of Memory (1792))