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Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf

Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf Themes

“Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?” is a modern family drama that was written by Edward Albee and it was published in the year if 1966. One year later, it comes to a comedy film that blows the mind of the readers. Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf 1966 cast.

Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf Play

But before releasing the film this drama was acted for many times. Mike Nichols directed the film but there is not a huge difference between the original drama and the film.

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf Meaning

Readers for the first time will think that the play may be written by Virginia Woolf that is not true. Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf movie’s title is a song that has been played in the play many times.

Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf Cast

This play takes place in England. Even in the movie, the director takes shots in England. There are only four central characters who portray the characters.


Elizabeth Taylor plays the role of Martha and her acting is excellent. Then comes Richard Burton as George. He portrays the character of George accordingly.

George Segal portrays Nick and Sandy Dennis portrays Honey. They all performed impressively.

who's afraid of virginia woolf characters
who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf characters

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf Summary

Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf summary is very interesting. It can be said as a modern drama or a film. There are only four characters who are two couples one couple is George and Martha and another is Nick and Honey.

George and Martha are a bit old couple and Nick and his wife, Honey is young. Thus, George is the professor of New England college and Martha is the daughter of the president of New England college.

So, they get married though they both do not love each other. In Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf book, the author shows the same thing to the readers that are being shown in the film.

“You don’t see anything, do you?
You see everything but the goddamn mind;
you see all the little specs and crap,
but you don’t see what goes on, do you?”

On the other hand, Nick and Honey somehow got engaged with this old couple. Though they are not feeling well with this middle-aged woman.

But they stay together because of having no option. At first, George thought that Nick is the professor of Mathematics but then Nick says he is the professor of Biology.


In the house of George, they give brandy to the guests, and Honey drinks too much. As Honey drinks a lot she could not note she starts vomit so Martha takes her to the bathroom.

The Book of Edward Albee
The Book of Edward Albee

They all start abusing others and Martha also accusing George. But Honey keeps busy on vomit and that is why Martha gets into the kitchen for making coffee. At that time George and Nick come to the outside of the house and just making gossip.

George starts singing,

“Who’s the afraid of Virginia Woolf” at the tune of
“The big bad Woolf”

At that time, Nick says he thought Honey is pregnant and that is why he marries her. But when he gets to know that she is not pregnant he lost his interest in Honey


When they get back to the home Martha and Honey are drinking brandy. Later, George and Nick also join them. Then Nick and Martha start dancing together and Martha again starts talking wrong to his husband.

“ou want to dance with me, angel tits?”

In anger, George breaks a bottle of brandy though Martha did not stop talking. Once George sees that they are kissing each other again he becomes angry and tries to press Martha’s neck but Nick saves her.


At the same time, Honey feels I’ll and again she goes to the toilet. She, herself says to Martha that she does not want to be a mother. After sometimes, they start playing a game.

When Martha comes from the kitchen, George says he got a telegram and there were written their son dies. Later Nick prevailed that they do not have any son.


“I cry all the time. And Georgie cries all the time, too.
We both cry all the time, and then what we do, we cry, and we take our tears, and we put ’em in the ice box, in the goddamn ice trays until they’re all frozen and then… we put them… in our… drinks.”

They both are just lying. The younger couple got distracted for these lies and they try to get back to their own house. The last time they come out from their house and go away by driving their car.

On the other side, George and Martha keep on doing quarrel.

Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf Analysis

In Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf 1966 cast, the director portrays the unsuccessful marriage between men and women. They do not love each other still they are not living with each other.

Nick and Martha
Nick and Martha

George and Martha all-time accusing each other and even they try to breathe each other. They all belong from an educated class as they are professors but in their character, it never can be seen. They were doing stuff like lower-class people.


“Oh, I like your anger.
I think that’s what I like about you most. Your anger.”

Once Martha says to George. Even she said that she didn’t want to marry his husband. On the other hand, Nick also does not love his wife. He married her in fear but when he gets to know that she is not pregnant he lost his interest. Both couples do not like each other but still, they are pretending to be well.

So, this family drama becomes popular in contemporary times though it produces violence among married life.