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Victorian Era Easter Celebrations

Easter is the most important and sacred festival of the Christians. During the Victorian era, most of the people followed the Christian religion. So for them, Easter was the most important festival. As Easter was regarded as the main festival of the Victorian era, people celebrated it with full zeal and enthusiasm. Easter was the most important religious festival of the people in the Victorian era.

Victorian era Easter
Victorian era Easter

There was no particular fixed date to celebrate the festival as per the civil calendar. Easter is celebrated to mark the resurrection of Lord Jesus after His death, three days after His crucifixion. Easter is preceded by Good Friday. It is always celebrated on the first Sunday after full moon subsequent to the vernal equinox, as decided by the First Council of Nicaea.

During the Victorian era, Easter was celebrated for about 40 days which were divided into different sessions. The first week of this session was also known as the Easter Week. It represented the end of the season of praying, fasting as well as atonement. Easter celebration played a major role in the Victorian culture.

It inspired many people all over the globe to celebrate Easter in their fashion. It was primarily because of the way it was celebrated and also the fascination people had with the Victorian era.

Easter Greetings constituted the main part of this festival. They were a very popular feature during the Victorian era. Biblical scriptures formed the major part of the paintings that was done on the Easter greeting cards. Apart from them, images of bunnies and Holy Cross were also very popular.

Easter program was another main attraction of this festival. As there was no electric equipment during the Victorian era, celebrations were relatively simpler and also less formal. It mainly constituted of doing prayers, going to the church, reading scriptures, etc. on an auspicious day as a mark of celebration.

Easter Eggs

Another main thing that was important during the celebration of Easter festival during the Victorian era was the Easter Eggs. Easter Eggs formed an inseparable part of the Easter celebrations. As a part of the celebration, small children used to decorate the Easter Eggs with different colors, by doing paintings on them, with different drawings and other decorating stuff.

The main colors that were primarily used by the children to decorate these Easter Eggs were the cranberries, beets, oranges as well as lemon peels. There were many other different items that were used by the children to decorate the Easter Eggs.

Exchange of the greetings and gifts were common during the festival. People used to visit their relatives and friends and exchanged sweets, gifts, and greetings. The celebration of the Easter festival was a major part of the culture during the Victorian era and will continue to be so.