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Victorian Era Landmarks in London

Victorian Era Landmarks in London: Many London landmarks were constructed during Queen Victoria’s reign and the Victorian architecture described numerous predominantly rejuvenated architectural styles which were not just popular during this era, but also remained popular till date.

Victorian Era London Landmarks
Victorian Era Landmarks

Even though the Victorian architecture was influenced by the architectural style of the past era, but many iconic buildings in the world have been constructed during this era.

Victorian Era Landmarks: Palace of Westminster

Palace of Westminster is the home to Houses of Parliament of United Kingdom – the House of Commons and the House of Lords. This building is one of the most famous ones in the world.

Victorian Era Landmarks in London
Palace of Westminster

The palace was constructed in the 11th century, but the fire in 1834 destroyed the medieval palace. The building to the gothic style appearance when it was reconstructed after the fire designed by architect Charles Barry.

Victorian London Landmarks The Tower Bridges

The Tower Bridge, built on River Thames is suspended bridge in London which was built between 1886 and 1894 designed by Sir Horace Jones and Mr. Wolfe Barry. The permanent footway is 142 feet from the high water mark and can be reached by two supporting towers.

Victorian Era Landmarks in London
The Tower Bridge

The huge framework of the bridge is made of cast steel cased in the stonework. The bridge is half a mile long and the total cost of building the bridge was more than one and a half million pounds. The original Victorian engines open and close the bridge at regular intervals to let the heavy water traffic pass.

Osborne House: Victorian times London Landmark

Osborn House, a fine example of Italianate architecture style was designed by Prince Albert himself and was built by Thomas Cubitt. Queen Victoria loved to spend time in the palace with her husband and even in her widowhood, she used to visit there.

Victorian Era Landmarks in London
Osborne House

In fact, she died there in 1901. After her death, a part of the House was converted into a museum but could be used only by the royal family.

The Palm House

The Palm House is in Kew Gardens and is widely considered as one of the most iconic Victorian structures made by iron and glass. It was designed by Decimus Burton and built by Richard Turner in 1840s.

Palm house in Kew Gardens
Palm House

This greenhouse was one of the greatest achievements of engineering in the Victorian era. This was the first to be built in wrought iron without being supported by columns.

Balmoral Castle

Balmoral Castle, another Victorian masterpiece built for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, was designed by William Smith with some modifications done by Prince Albert himself.

Balmoral Castle: Victorian Landmark Castle
Balmoral Castle: Victorian Landmark Castle

It was completed in 1856 and has been a private property for the royal family since then. However, during spring and summer, its gardens are open for public viewing.

Victorian London Landmarks: Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert Hall has been one of the most favorite entertainment venues in London since the Victorian era. The Italianate style structure has been named after Prince Albert and is a concert hall which has hosted live music concerts by world’s greatest artists, dance performances, sports events, award ceremonies, movie screenings and variety of other shows since it was accomplished.

Royal Albert Hall: Iconic Victorian London Building
Royal Albert Hall

The Hall was built in just four years and was opened by Queen Victoria in 1871. It was designed by Captain Francis Fowke and Major Henry Y.D. Scott from the Corps of Royal Engineers.

Victorian Britain Landmarks: Manchester Town Hall

The Manchester Town Hall, one of Manchester’s most popular landmarks, was built by one of the most distinguished architects of the Victorian era, Alfred Waterhouse.

Victorian Era Landmarks: Manchester Town Hall
Manchester Town Hall

City Council meetings were held there originally, but today, weddings, conferences and many other events take place here. It is also one of the most popular filming locations these days.

Law Courts and Temple Bar

Law courts were opened in 1882 and it took eight years and one million pounds to build it. G. E. Street was the architect of this truthfully magnificent gothic building.

Victorian Era Landmarks Temple Bar London
Victorian Era Landmarks: Temple Bar London

He died just before the completion of his spectacular work. The Temple Bar was the main ceremonial entrance to the city of London. It was the custom that the monarch used to halt at Temple Bar before entering the city of London.

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