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Victorian Era Homes Designs, Interiors, Styles

Victorian houses have been popular since they originated during the Victorian era. However, the Victorian style we have grown to love was not always the same. Homes built early in the Victorian era were extremely simple. Only the wealthy had more elegant homes, and even then, most still preferred the simplistic look of a home.

It was not until after the Civil War that the appreciation for complexity became more abundant. The Industrial Revolution and the use of wood instead of stone brought about many more options and choices to make. Many people began to have more elaborate things in their homes. However, it was still primarily the wealthy that were able to afford such nice complex homes.

victorian houses

victorian houses

victorian houses

There were also several architecture fanatics that favored the contemporary style. Their feeling was that the Victorian homes had needless complexity and clutter in the style. The contemporaries were used to seeing homes all in a stone color, very few additions being made after the structure was built and very straight lines.

The Victorian era and sparked by the industrial revolution saw many people paint their new homes in bright vivid colors, add very complex lines to the home, and even after the home is structurally sound, the home is often adorned with other wood or stonework that would make it more visually appealing.

Typical Characteristics of Victorian homes

The Victorian homes still stand in many parts of the world. They are very easy to spot and have a very classy look about them. There are really two easy characteristics to spot a Victorian home. First, they have very steep gables. Secondly, they often have pointed windows as well. These houses still hold these two important traits to the Victorian era homes.