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Victorian Husband and Wife’s Duties

Victorian Husband and Wife’s Duties: During the Victorian era, the role of men and women were quite sharply defined. In the early days, women usually worked alongside their husbands and brothers participating in family businesses.

Husband and Wife’s Duties

With the nineteenth century progressing, men commuted to their place of work and wives, daughters and sisters were left back home to look after the domestic duties. However, after becoming husband and wife, each of them had some of the duties assigned.

Wife’s Duties

The wife should never show her accomplishments, her smiles, her best nature and conduct away from her home. Her husband should know what she is buying and whether or not she is making proper use of money.

Husband and Wife’s Duties

She should not spend more time in social work except in the presence of her husband so that her daytimes and evenings are not spent away from home. he should not talk about her husband’s fault or her household’s faults to outside people. Also see how to be a good Victorian Housewife?

Victorian Husband and Wife’s Duties

If she is living in moderate circumstances she should not spend a lot of money decorating her house. Her private rooms should display the works of her hands mostly. She should not bother her husband with petty things because when a husband comes home his mind might be absorbed in business.

Husband and Wife’s Duties

She had to be very careful with her language and conduct. It was believed that husbands can be restrained by the wife’s purity, chastity, and refinement. The wife should not act in any way to lower the standard of the speech and morals of her husband.

Without getting affected by what happened during a day, a wife had to greet her husband with a smile when he returned from work in the evening. She had to make sure her personal appearance is as beautiful as possible. The home should be kept well and decorated so that it attracts him back.

Husband and Wife’s Duties

She should not judge her husband merely by his ability to show and express, she should look for superior qualities of mind and heart to let permanent happiness set in her life. Keeping the house well decorated and attractive was not enough. If the husband brought a guest with him, it was the wife’s duty to entertain and impress that person.

A Husband’s Duty

It was the husband’s duty to take care of his wife, her welfare and protect her from danger and hardships as far as possible. His wife should be aware of the business he is in because during hard times the wife could be the best and valuable adviser. Husband was not allowed to be dictatorial in the family circle.

Husband and Wife’s Duties

In case of a dispute, the husband was expected to dismiss the subject with a kind word. The husband should give his wife his entire confidence and share the income, expected income with her so that a desired sum of money is given to the wife at a regular and habitual way to run the household effectively.

It was the husband’s duty to praise his wife’s merits and efforts. The husband should overlook circumstances like when his wife is cross and petulant because of a health condition or overlook even if his wife is unreasonable at times.

Husband and Wife’s Duties

It was the husband’s duty to make sure that his wife gets proper time for recreation along with time for work. Her social qualities should be exercised continuously.

Duties of Husband and Wife Towards Each Other

At the wedding, only the bridegroom is congratulated because it is he who has won the prize. When someone speaks to both, the person should greet the lady first. At the wedding breakfast or supper, the bride had to sit by the side of her husband.

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