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Food During the Georgian Era

Food during the Georgian Era was extremely elaborate. The English aristocracy was introduced to French food. They preferred to have French Food during the Georgian Era and because of their many chefs were sent to France to learn the cuisine. Numerous French cuisine cookbooks were written by the English.

By 1758, modern vegetables like the French beans and artichokes began to gain popularity, especially amongst the English. An average Londoner consumed bread, cheese, bacon with beer for a filling meal.

Food during the Georgian Era

The sandwich was introduced during this time by Lord Sandwich who needed a hasty snack and placed the meat between two slices of bread. The domestic and foreign trade was improving and this brought in a variety of fruits and vegetables into the kingdom.

What did Poor Georgians Eat

The poor people could even afford tea and sugar during this time. White bread was preferred over dark bread and hence more wheat was grown to meet the demands.

Food during the Georgian Era

The gentry ate bread which was spiced and continued fruits in them. Along with this they also ate muffins and buns which were usually served hot and with butter. Along with butter, honey, marmalade, and fruit jams were spread on it bread before consumed.

Georgian Era Breakfast

This comprised of breakfast. Kippers were also included for breakfast with boiled oatmeal and cream. The beverage usually served was chocolate milk. While breakfast was very elaborate, lunch and dinner were usually roast pork or any meat along with stew and boiled vegetables.

Food during the Georgian Era

There was also soup and dessert in the end. The soup was often veal stock with cream and almonds with rice to thicken it. Those who were in the lower rungs of the social ladder had pea soup since they couldn’t afford veal stock.

The stew of meat and vegetables were varied, according to what the population could afford and what was available.

Food During the Georgian Era

During the first half of the 18th century, thousands of cows were slaughtered for their beef. Whoever could afford beef and veal bought it. Those who couldn’t have to make do with chicken.

Some common meats which were used for a stew were beef sirloin, venison, mutton, pigeon, chicken, geese, and turkey. Poultry was consumed according to the place.

Food during the Georgian Era

Cold cuts and cheddar cheese was served as part of supper. Along with this, there was pudding, fruits, and pie (both savory and sweet). Ices became very popular during this time. They came in different flavors like elderflowers, jasmine, coffee, and pineapples.

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