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Le Jardin Des Tuileries

Le Jardin Des Tuileries:

Le Jardin Des Tuileries Poem Wording

This winter air is keen and cold,
And keen and cold this winter sun,
But round my chair, the children run
Like little things of dancing gold. Sometimes about the painted kiosk
The mimic soldiers strut and stride,
Sometimes the blue-eyed brigands hide
In the bleak tangles of the bosk.And sometimes, while the old nurse cons
Her book, they steal across the square,
And launch their paper navies where
Huge Triton writhes in greenish bronze.

And now in mimic flight, they flee,
And now they rush, a boisterous band –
And, tiny hand on tiny hand,
Climb up the black and leafless tree.

Ah! cruel tree! if I were you,
And children climbed me, for their sake
Though it be winter I would break
Into spring blossoms white and blue!

Le Jardin Des Tuileries Review

‘LE JARDIN DES TUILERIES’ is a wonderful poem with the Wilde-special characteristics of a vivid imagery and beautiful metaphors.

A happy poem, in essence, it is set in a gloomy winter morning when the sun and the wind put up a cold demeanor towards the world. On such a morning, as if like the summer sun which brings warmth, children play as he watches them.

Le Jardin Des Tuileries
The cover of Le Jardin des Tuileries

Wilde goes on to describe the scene and their little games as they busy themselves. He rejoices in their presence and as readers, we find the poem very similar to his short story, ‘The Selfish Giant’.

Le Jardin Des Tuileries

The little kids join their tiny hands to climb a tree in the garden that is withered from the cold. Wilde watches them and thinks if he were that tree and children would have been climbing on him, no matter how cold, he would instantly break into white and blue spring blossoms!

This is a poem only Wilde can come up with. It shows his love for the good things in life and his love for little children. This piece of his continues to bring in positive vibes after so many years of being written!

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